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  1. cox seems to have opened a loophole (as usual, without telling anyone). I /had/ tried that bout 2 weeks ago when they had just started sending out formal rejects and it didn't seem to work but it does now. This note is at the suggestion of wazoo/Farelf to confirm to users that this is a workaround. And the SC replys are much faster than I've seen in the past (when they got through, which was 40-50% on average.
  2. So I scrape away the sarcasm and find out - what? Did cox suddenly become anti SC? Did I ask Ironport for anything? I've read in NANAE that the SC parser is broken on this and won't fix it - I haven't a clue, personally. I'm just trying to report spam and getting shut out for a semi-colon. Thanks for your concern - and this forum format sucks as bad as the FAQ
  3. I've been following this cox problem for some time. When it 1st started for me, it was about 4 months after this thread started. I've been under the delusion it was the IMP software being used by cox, but that is just a speculation. At first, all of my email was missiing that semi-colon. Lately, an increasing number have been coming through properly punctuated. Contacting cox and getting a carbon based lifeform who understands the issue would be a waste of time. Is SC working on this at all? Is this a race betweeen cox and SC? Does anyone know? All I know is that I can't report without that semi-colon and this seems to be a pretty stupid reason for the inability.
  4. Sorry, not yet used to input format, but I think this is ok... Just sent 8 reports, got 8 back to me. So, cox ain't doin it here (L. A.) YET...
  5. I see that Cox is named here - could someone be more specific on this? I use cox... 1st- I'd be mighty pissed that my 60-90 reports are being vaporized w/o my knowledge. 2nd - I just sent a report and cc'd myself - cc was received. So, is this a hit and miss thing? Should I use a google acount for reporting? Or is there something I'm missing (as usual)? Thanks... jg
  6. In the preference settings for SC reporting, there is a box which states you can add addresses you want all your spam reports sent as well as resolved addresses. So I'd like to include my ISP's abuse desk and the UCE[at]ftc address for s&g. I assume you can input 2 addresses in that box separated by commas and I think that is in the Help section. So now I've decided to stop being a mole and am getting the following input option on my report page - */ Re: Forwarded spam (User defined recipient) To: spam (Notes) To: (Notes) To: (Notes) */ I am assuming these are for anywhere else I may want to send certain reports /over and above/ those inputted in the preferences section - is this a correct assumption? And could someone define "untargetted reports" (sounds like an oxymoron)? I don't understand the phrase as used by the system... tnx guys, and you too, Ellen...
  7. whats snapback? anyway, after mispelling flagelation, I arrived at the conclusion that one could use 2-4 windows if one could keep track of the flow and make sure that each report came back and was sent properly. At the end of the reporting session, you have 1 or 2 input windows showing unreported spam. Click the cancel button and the msg comes back 0 msgs cancelled - means you did good, all sent. Haven't gotten any other than that back yet, so I'm knocking on wood, but now I think I unnerstand it and thanks to all for paying attention...
  8. And that is exactly the problem, which I finally figured out by comparing open windows, reports waiting to be sent, etc. You are right - multiple windows creates problems. Simply put, you send a msg to be parsed and while waiting, go and copy another and send it in a second window. Previous one sent hasn't come back yet, so there are 2 in the pipeline. 1 of the 2 comes back and says here is one to report and there is another which hasn't been reported yet, it knowing that there is another but you haven't got the report screen yet. So, no, opening 4-5 tabs and reporting like crazy is really a pretty dumb idea, no matter how brilliant it sounds at first. I am wearing a hair shirt and am in the backyard doing 20 minutes of self flagelagation...
  9. At the risk of beating a dead horse, I went back and got these headers from the post [at] alt.spam - appears to be a cross posted reply to some group called alt.make.your.own.spam, which sounds like those folks with nothing else to do - don't think I'll let my curiousity go visit. If this isn't worthy of anymore of your time, I'd understand... Path: news1.west.cox.net!west.cox.net!filt01.west.cox.net!peer01.west.cox.net!cox.net!pd7cy1no!shaw.ca!border1.nntp.dca.giganews.com!nntp.giganews.com!feed4.newsreader.com!newsreader.com!newsh.newsreader.com!delta.newsreader.com!not-for-mail Newsgroups: alt.make.your.own.spam,alt.spam,alt.spammers.post.here,newsguy.spamhippo.top100,alt.fan.spamster Subject: re: fu** you all From: Alan Biesh <shootertec.cox.net> Date: 22 Jun 2005 11:26:43 GMT Message-ID: <Xns967D4BCA86C8Cshooterteccoxnet[at]> Followup-To: alt.make.your.own.spam User-Agent: Xnews/??.01.30 X-Trace: delta.newsreader.com c5c,puiAdE4zPwsIfm2wvzqOjXoizqlIyXSwBa4BPh0fM-3st Lines: 47 Xref: cox.net alt.make.your.own.spam:84197 alt.spam:168883 alt.spammers.post.here:84042 X-Received-Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 07:26:43 EDT (news1.west.cox.net)
  10. The following was cross posted in several alt. groups - this is the body only and the sender purported to be individual whose addy is the one noted - what is he attempting to do? Just curious and I get no reply in the group I saw it at - alt.spam thnks... I'm sure someone will be kind enough to point out any bad manners I may be exhibiting by posting this, but you guys have seen more of this stuff than me... alt.personals.homosexual,alt.politics.homosexual,alt.politics.homosexuality, alt.politics.homosexuality.hatemongers.phelps, alt.politics.homosexuality.hatemongers.rev-white,alt.polotics.homosexuality, alt.poltics.homosexuality,alt.sex.homosexual alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.homosexual, alt.homosexual,alt.homosexual.falimortis,alt.homosexual.jay-denebeim, alt.homosexual.lesbian,alt.homosexual.lesbians,alt.homosexual.music, alt.homosexuality,alt.homosexuality.death-metal,alt.penthouse.sex.homosexual alt.fan.spamster,alt.binaries.pictures.kids.spam,alt.cracks.nl,alt.2600.cracks, alt.binaries.cracks shootertec[at]cox.net shootertec[at]cox.net <snip 28 repeated lines> shootertec[at]cox.net
  11. While reporting, am getting the "you have unreported spam" message and wants to know if I want to report now - do so and get whole parse but then at the end it says this has already been reported. I have no cancel button which I have seen mentioned around various help areas Now, I can be in a hurry and using 3 diferent input screens at once and sometimes may dupe a post but not as often as this msg. So, someone else has reported this spam before me - yes? And we have no way of knowing this, right? Isn't this kind of -stupid? -waste of bandwidth? -in need of a fix? tnx...
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