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  1. agree. looking forward to the changes, if they happen.
  2. Message is larger than maximum size, 50000 bytes. Truncate? I have been getting spam from a spammer that moves their host about every few weeks to stay ahead of the game. (About the time that the host shuts them down.) I have been receiving spam consistently from the same source, and send in the SC reports regularly. I believe now the spammer has figured out a way to circumvent the SC reports, by filling up the email with lots of superfluous information. When SC parses the decoded email body, it gives me a message above (Truncate?). I of course say OK. If you click Cancel, it just returns you back to the input screen. In the past, the parser would still find the source links in the body of the message. Now there is so much extra stuff in the first part of the body, it never finds the source links because it is truncated. So I have to go into the source, find a breakpoint half way thru the body of the decoded email body, and cut/paste from that point to the end. (A lot of Extra Work.) If I do that, it then finds the source links. Any way to allow SC to parse the extra data to find the source links even if it has to process an exceptionally large email body? Clearly, the spammer has built a better mouse specifically with the purpose of fooling SC. It works. Any chance of improving the mousetrap?
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