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  1. Yes, the same DNS blacklists and the same spam Assassin level. No. There is nothing in the Held Mail folder at all. I have checked it several times to no avail. Also, no. First thing I checked was the client settings to ensure it was POPing the new account. The spam is coming from the new account. I will attempt to get headers and post them soon. Thanks for the reply. I will be adding more as more information comes in.
  2. I've been using Spamcop for about 5 months and love it. I setup a new account yesterday for one of my clients. Went through the entire configuration and have set the same levels as my account. But in 12 hours, it has not filtered one email, and 38 spams have been passed through. The configuration is somewhat different in this: the ISP will NOT forward email, so I am having Spamcop retrieve the email from the ISP POP. I then have it forward to a different address I setup. All email is going through fine, but no filtering is taking place. The other difference to take note of is that he is using a qwest alias...i.e., people send messages to joe[at]joeschmoe.com (an alias) and qwest forwards it to his qwest account, joeschmoe[at]qwest.net. Spamcop retrieves the mail from the POP server logging into his joeschmoe[at]qwest.net account and forwards it to joeschmoefiltered[at]qwest.net (the new account I setup yesterday). Would the alias be causing the non-filtering? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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