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  1. darkprojekt

    totally panicked... french?

    For all readers of this thread: Jeff G. and SpamCop/Richard have found out, that my mailprovider was for a short time (and for a good reason) on the blacklist. Richard wrote: In short: It was ok, that my mails were blocked by SpamCop. Thanks for your help and your explanations Michael
  2. darkprojekt

    totally panicked... french?

    Hi I think he has the same problem as I have since 2 days. Nearly all incoming Mails are blocked by SpamCop. Even Mails from my own Adresses, from my Friends, the daily newsletters etc. The effect is, that the "client does not recieve my email any more", because the mails are in the "Held eMail"-List with the comment "Blocked bl.spamcop.net". For the moment I haven't found out, what the problem could be. I even don't have time to make large report and posts here. Normally SpamCop works really fine. This effect I had only two or three times in the last years and it "disapeard" always after a few days. Greetings Michael