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  1. why look so far? couldn't we just get the Spamcop-internal list of "devnulled" addresses (refusing spamcop reports for one reason or another). As a new Blocklist? (This exists anyway in the spamcop system. Should only be accessible from webmail to be selected as a Blocklist...) I'd really like to block all those. Don't think they send any legit Email to me... But they send more and more spam which is not caught by the other lists... Thank you Lukas
  2. ???? and you heard this where? I didn't hear it. I just hope for implementation. (and therefore mention it once a year...) My ISP's mailservers are on the SCBL from time to time. If this occurs my mails aren't filtered any more. (They are simply all held as spam because they contain a listed IP) Whitelisting this IP wouldn't help either (causing all mails to be whitelisted) But I'd like the mails just to be filtered normally, ignoring this specific IP. A new kind of 'ignore-IP-list' would be needed. (IP's not to be checked against blacklists and to be ignored in the whole process - I could also enter them manually allthough they might be identical to my mailhost list.) As StevenUnderwood mentioned, not impossible to implement... (better check the ignore-list first) In fact this could even save some time in the whole process of checking: the IP's of my ignore-list (to be checked in this rather short new list) won't be checked against the (very big and slow ) SCBL any more. Lukas
  3. in this case you might want to cancel the forwarding process and use POP instead. (Let spamcop POP the mail from your server. Then they don't pass through the forwarding SMTP-server of "net4all") Lukas I still wait for the implementation of a new feature to prevent this... (IP's from my Mailhost-List should never be the reason to tag/hold a message as spam even if they are on the SCBL) ...but I know it's a bit hard to implement.
  4. spam seems to be sent to my secret reporting address (submit.<verysecretcode>[at]spam.spamcop.net) (it startet about 3 weeks ago, reasons unknown. But I found a worm on a computer where this address was stored, might have escaped there...) Now I get AutoResponder-Error messages: SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing: SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email: with detailed information the email which triggered this auto-response had the following headers:... Am I allowed to report the original messages? (I have header and body of the message. The secret reporting address is mine, therefore its my spam...) Actually reporting is not possible as Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts Could I add spam.spamcop.net to my mailhosts? (In order to report those messages) Technically I think it would be possible as the mailhost-configuration would also trigger an error message with all needed informations. Anyone already done this or any Admin's oppinion? Lukas (It would also help if I could just switch off the AutoResponder. I usually report from webmail or with copy/paste. I don't need the secret reporting address often...)
  5. me too. either the can't login, "No userid" with "putRow" error or the text rendered page (html source) for the last hour it was not possible to login... hope they didn't mean to have a maintainance window till 12/25/2005 Lukas
  6. True. Not the database, but some of the reports. I never used my SpamCop-address openly. I only forward to it and use it to report spam. (But I don't munge the reports). I get some spam directly addressed to my SpamCop-address which nobody should know. (even if I search the web for my SpamCop-address I find a few copies of reports to ISPs mentioning this address.) But in fact I don't care much. - SpamCop filters work quite good for me. And it must be a very dumb spammer to harvest SpamCop-mailaddresses and send spam to those. Probably they want their IP to be blocked as fast as possible... Lukas
  7. confirmed. Worked already yesterday. ("Report as spam" from Webmail) Lukas
  8. Today I reported my spam as usual (from webmail / folder held mail / check all / Report as spam). After the usual delay I got the Email with "SpamCop Quick reporting data" which looked like this: SpamCop.net Here are the results of your submission: Processing spam: From: Subject: error:No IP found Processing spam: From: Subject: error:No IP found ... It seems there is something broken between webmail and reporting... (But as I could report normally with copy/paste into the form I assume this is a webmail problem.) Some of the spam concerned was fetched from external POP servers, some was directly addressed to my cesmail.net-account. I reported 35 messages about 6 hours ago and 3 messages some minutes ago. (with identical results) (I assume most of them had correct and parsable headers. It was my whole spamload from 24hours, looking quite average...) If anybody can reproduce this behaviour somebody might have to look into it. Lukas (No problem for me. I'll just try to report again tomorrow and hope the msgs parse better then...) *EDIT*Merged this over here for now though might move it back to Email forum if the tide turns that way. PM sent to Lucas to inform of the change.
  9. For Family Accounts each accout receives a notice to renew. Any of them can then login and renew for all accounts in one step. (just what I did this week) Lukas
  10. I had the same problem. But my host (verio) got better in the last months, almost no listings and for hours only, not for days... Solution: Let spam Cop POP your account (instead of forwarding). Then the e-mails don't have your domain's OUTGOING smtp-IP in the header and don't get blocked. Worked quite well for me. - Of course this delays your mails for about 15 min and adds to the workload of the servers, but ... (When my hosts INCOMING smtp-IP get listed I still have the problem. To use the same IP for inbound and outbound traffic is "part of their anti-spam-politics and can not be changed" ) Lukas
  11. No. If they really take SpamCop serious, they simply remove you from their list. (Just to avoid further reports). No need for a confirmation... Lukas
  12. I just wondered why SpamCop has only about 50% chances to resolve the link... And I always thought link-resolving to be a bit more constant and predictable... I did report them myself. Not exactly imigration. - Todays Nazis in Germany. They just tell about (mostly minor and rather irrelevant) cases of official autohritys treating imigrants slightly better than their own people. They don't tell more (which would break some laws.) Whenever this kind of spam outbreaks I get hundreds of them, probably through compromised machines (to randomaddresses[at]mydomain.ch) Lukas
  13. Today I reported this (full report) http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z763693994zcc...390f91f5241fbez (I usually quick-report but wanted the link reported...) The parser could not resolve the link. When I look at the parse and keep refreshing the screen the parser can sometimes resolve the link (reports would be sent to: schlund.de) and sometimes not. A temporary parser hiccup? Or is link resolving as random as it seems in this case? Lukas
  14. SpamCop Quick Reporting within Webmail: 1. Login to Webmail. You can report spam from your Inbox or the Held Mail folder (or any other folder if you need to...) 2. Check the boxes to select all the spam (messages) you want to report. You can use the checkbox in the top left corner of the matrix (under "Delete") to check all messages in the folder. (shortcut Alt+N or Alt+K, depending on the current folder...) 3. Click the "Report as spam" link. 4. The messages will be reported to SpamCop and deleted. (Quick Reports, reporting only the source of the messages, not the spamvertised links.) You'll get one or more (depending on the number of messages reported) "SpamCop Quick reporting data" email messages (to your Inbox) containing details of the reporting action, including a Tracking URL and the addresses to which reports were sent. Recommendations: - If you do use Quick Reporting, be sure to look at the reports (at least from time to time) just in case the parser hiccups so you can correct any errors. - Be sure to have configured your mailhosts correctly. This should prevent you from reporting your own ISP. If Quick Reporting is not enabled: (This is the default configuration.) Steps 1.-3. as above. 4. You will get back an email message with the subject "SpamCop has accepted X email for processing" containing links to your reporting page. You'll have to complete each report manually. Review your reports carefully. (See How to use: Reporting within webmail for details.)
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