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  1. Correct, note that I also mentioned that greylisting is enabled for my personal domain (hosted by easily, where the greylisting is enabled). Close to 100% of my e-mail comes via that route - the only reason I enabled greylisting on the spamcop account was that the only mail received directly to that address was spam - I've never given the address out or used it on-line.
  2. I'm already using greylisting, both on my spamcop email account and my personal domain e-mail - prior to this I was seeing several hundred per day. Spamcop was correctly holding 90+% of them but reporting that volume was a bit of a chore, even using quick reporting, so I started to greylist a couple of years ago. It's only pretty recently that the filers seem to be leaking a significant percentage of spam, possibly due to a new set of source IPs that aren't yet on any of the blocklists combined with techniques that aren't being picked up by SpamAssassin.
  3. I'm also seeing a large increase in the quantity of spam reaching my inbox. Up to around a month ago 90+% of spam was held, now it's down to less than 40%. The overall volume of spam I'm receiving seems to be about the same at 10-20/day. Here's a couple of examples (all the others are similar): http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2812121131zd...4d9f587c0d8fe3z http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2811840289z4...ede35e886dbf06z They don't appear to be triggering much (if any) in the way of SpamAssassin rules, perhaps some tweaking's in order? I have pretty aggressive filter settings - all blocklists selected and SpamAssassin threshold set to 3 which had worked well up until recently.
  4. Everything's very slow from here - just tried quick reporting half a dozen spams from the webmail interface and it took several minutes to respond. The system also claimed to have deleted the reported items but hadn't. So there seems to be some problem, possibly with the back-end DB. SnowDog
  5. I've tried all the above, 2 different browsers (Firefox & IE), caches cleared, browsers restarted (heck it's the first time I've fired up IE in several months) and still no joy. SnowDog
  6. Still hosed here I got the login page once a couple of hours ago but still no working logon. Now I'm back to a blank page again. SnowDog
  7. I'm also receiving via POP now. The webmail interface still appears down though. SnowDog
  8. It's doing the same with all my quick reports since 09:00 today, last nights processed properly but all quick reports today have shown the error:No IP found and not parsed correctly. That will probably equate to around 1000 individual spams submitted via the webmail quick reporting interface between 09:00 and 17:00 GMT+1hour that have not parsed. SnowDog
  9. My increase in observed spam is with a fairly large volume, around 1500-2000 messages/day, >90% of which are spam. Spamcop had been picking up over 90% of this leaving me with a manageable number to report manually. The volume making it past the filters is now high enough to make it a pain to report all those that slip through.
  10. I'm also seeing a large increase in spam making it past the filters. They were catching > 90% of the spam a month ago, now they're only catching around 65%.
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