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  1. This is to help innocent people realise how poor Google GMAIL (Free) filters are. The following tests recorded massive failures: 1. From field - if you put in any wildcards such as the following the filter will start capturing false positives and you will end up filtering innocent emails from:(*@*.*.ar) will filter addresses such as name@ar.sub.domain Therefore job sites use long links and if they have an ar as in this scenario in any part of the domain it will be filtered even though the filter is specific. The spammers do this to stuff your filters up. They study what is put into AbuseIPDB and SPAMCOP to screw the user making a complaint. ADVICE - only use a minimum of 2 parts which is not always possible e.g. *@*.com.ar (Go fix or delete these immediately as Googles AI and highly paid idiots are too dumb) They won't hire me as they would need to get rid of there playtime slides and become professionals instead of little energetic juveniles which the company tries to use to sack older staff. 2. Subject field - the spammers have found another huge hole in the filter system The spammers change the case of the word you filter in the original headers. GMAIL fails to translate the character sets to what you see on the email message nor does it ignore case which should be mandatory in any simpleton model. subject:(bitcoin) subject:(Bitcoin) The above work only sometimes. Cases that fail totally: bitCOin is the spelling in the headers but the email shows bitcoin In the headers if strange character sets are used GMAIL can't interpret them as foreign and uses best look when the email shows. Also if there is punctuation next to the word it may also fail. SUMMARY - Google is failing with basic filters. It does not translate characters in headers directly to the email presentation which screws basic users so filters become annoying. You need to be a pro to know this so the google certified staff are idiots at best. Wildcards are stuffed and the POSIX rules are poorly implemented. Google AI is bullsh** as humans create the algorithms so some Google employees are sh** kickers at best. The above are basic for a pro to find and fix. Most users are not pros and nor should they be. These are 20 year old holes. Hire another stupid kid who likes slides. SCUM company.
  2. To help anyone else, AMAZON have sent me responses to the effect that the EC2 server was misconfigured. IP addresses are not resolving properly. This only happens from a hacker or criminal employee. They stopped the yelp spam in its tracks eventually after I abused them with vile language and they responded telling me they won't help me and then I bombarded them with all my spam headers and they apologised and shut up. Means they don't stop spam if you don't harass them. I also have a singlehosti.com, itlgopk.uk, rf-cheats.ru super spammer. What started to happen is the spammers started altering their headers to stop getting triangulated. Most of these were coming from AMAZON but not all. I remembered that years ago I tried stopping this one and got more spam. I reported it back then but nothing was done about it. Now after shoving it down their throat and asking why the fu** they don't parse every part of a header and make sure all domains aren't fake before forwarding the email as I received over 400 spam in less than a month using the same spoofing domains and tricks again they stated EC2 corrupt configuration. The spam is slowing but goes through increases when the spammers are trying to find who is pinning them down. To my comments above use spamcop and abuseipdb. Be careful with abuseipdb as if you put too much info in the spammers can track the complaint source. Exclude and numbers or generated alphabetic scramble. The pricks looked at the country of complaint and started trying to fu** my countries AMAZON server. Use CHROME incognito to assist hiding your location. Not very good but safer than all other browsers. Most of the spam is rf-cheats.ru and uses the singlehosti.com and itlgopk.uk domains in their headers frequently with some others such as raynair, goodridge and a couple more. It takes time initially but is worth it. The bad AMAZON servers are mainly Israel (top), Germany, France and Japan. You can include Portland and Virgin Islands in the US. The AMAZON spam is slowing but AMAZON is hiding their incompetent systems that have most likely been hacked with a mail scri_pt to hide the spammers trail. To any noobs, UNSUBSCRIBING from spam gets you more spam. I have read that some people think this works. It does not with real spam. Do not confuse unsubscribing from legitimate newsletters or promotional material as an answer. You must report the spam. spam is spam and you have rights. It will mentally get you and you will never have mental peace and if you get this and it is a lot to move all your stuff to another email address then get to it. You will find the spammers send messages in their spam if they think they have trumped you and also if you have pulverised them. Its a bit sad really but if you don't be vigilant for a few months it will get worse. At this stage I have them on the run and want all you people to help squash this sh** and the owners. They are vermin.
  3. I contacted Amazon numerous times about spam sending them IP's. I went to war with them as I have been a professional in mail servers. 99% of my spam is from Amazon Web Servers. They refuse to identify the culprits due to privacy. They claim it is too hard for them. What rubbish. If you are spamming the world with trillions of spam that all have malformed headers you are a criminal. I asked them why they have no scanner to make sure the data in the email headers were above board and they refused to answer. Very simple to do and should be enforced on all aws mailservers that are deployed. Reject all malformed email so the sender just can't do it. Simple. GMAIL works on the same principle. Deliver at any cost for speed instead of security. I had to keep sending them full headers but only 1 line counts. The IP. I do look ups on all IP's and most are from Amazon. They have insecure systems that are re-infecting mail servers on a continual basis. They shut up with their cretinous responses and started doing something about it. They obviously have no process nor procedure to stop the spammers from opening new accounts and continually doing the same. They will not admit publicly that their systems are extremely vulnerable and have been attacked and abused due to legal damages they would incur. If you have ever bought anything in the last 10 years from Amazon or that uses Amazon web server then your email is in criminal hands. Databases that are onsold. Amazon is busted. Should be smashed with a 5 Billion law suit just like facebook. The following are the severe spam constructs. singlehosti.com itlgopk.uk yelp If you are telling me you can't follow the trail of people who opened the accounts to put this type of scri_pt in place as they stated to me they send them abuse reports, you are a liar as you have date of registration and credit card details connected to the imbecile who has done it. They should have there accounts frozen and any other connected accounts. The people should then have to explain why they did it and if the owner is too dumb then a list of any IT person that has touched the system should be surrendered. Bloody simple and doable. Amazon it rubbish and should be made to face court and severe legal actions.
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