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  1. 31765[/snapback] If my reading of that is right, the load is only increased when users have extra rules, not just by enabling user rules. Could we enable user rules, but have a one-off $10 fee to get user_prefs editing rights? I'm sure people would pay, and the proceeds would fund getting more RAM or whatever. Michael
  2. I've been googling for a ruleset, but all I've found is this: http://mosnews.com/commentary/2005/07/26/spamassassin.shtml. Can't find any rulesets, though. Ah well. Cheers, Michael
  3. Hi guys, I report all the spam that has got past the filters while I have been at my workstation, which is a big chunk of it. I don't bother with stale stuff that's arrived overnight etc. The typical SC headers of a message might be: I assume the problem is partly that SpamAssassin has lots of filters for English spam but fewer/none for foreign language spam. Just to clarify, all the e-mail shown was 'goof' e-mail:- Correctly identified spam goes to 'held mail', while spam I've had to delete manually goes to 'deleted' (which is what is shown in the screenshot). Basically the state with the e-mail service is: Users can chose a number of settings for thier mail to be filtered by - including SpamAssassin level and a choice of RBLs, plus a sender blacklist and whitelist. Any mail classified as spam under this system is put in a 'held mail' folder on the server. I use IMAP so the 'held mail' folder on the screenshot holds e-mail identified as spam. If you're not familar with SpamAssassin, how it works is: Each message starts with a score of 0. Tests are performed ( examples ) and the number incremented by the test weighting every time a test is failed. Users can then pick at what threshold a message should be called spam and treated as such. For example if a message contains 'v1agra' (weighting +2.5) and the message is 40%-50% HTML obsfucation (weighting +2.6) the final score is 5.1. If the user has chosen 5 as thier SpamAssassin threshold, the message will be classified as spam. The SpamAssassin filters and weightings are (AFAIK) configurable by the system administrator. Basically what I'm asking is: Could we have more SpamAssassin tests to cover the spam that's currently getting through the filters, as pictured. Cheers, Michael
  4. Hi there, I subscribe to your e-mail service and I'm pretty pleased with it. In recent months, though, I've had a problem with spam getting through the filters. Most of the spam that gets through is Windows-1251 encoded. Here's a picture of e-mails I've deleted (rather than them going to 'held mail' like they should) over recent days: So my request is: Can I have something to address this, such as a filter to block all Windows-1251 encoded spam? Thanks, Michael
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