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  1. Thanks David, I am going to see if they respond to my request to have it turned back on, otherwise I will simply stop using my SpamCop account.
  2. nei1_j I regret to read of your unhappy experience. The FAQ in the forum can be difficult to navigate which is why the SpamCop Wiki was created. The link is SpamCop Wiki Home Page You will find links on the top of that page as well as every other page to a Category Listing, Page Index, there is also a glossary. The terms are linked back and forth throughout the wiki. Here is the link to a definition of Spamvertized URL I believe you will find the Wiki much easier to navigate than the forum FAQ
  3. One other note: SpamCop will not block any email unless someone in the mail stream is using the SpamCop Blocking List, even then the recommendation from SpamCop is not to totally block the messages but rather to flag them as spam or potential spam. Some mailserver do use the SCBL to totally block mail for the listed IP address. The problem is that there maybe a lot of valid message being process that would never be delivered. If you simply want to keep them out of your inbox, simply set a filter on your mail client to filter the specific domains that you are having an issue with
  4. If he is using a mail server that sends a very small amount of spam, then his spam would be a small percentage of the mail processed by that server Unfortunately you posted your reporting ID for that email. No one here is able to open that. You need to post the Tracking URL then we can do a bit more research on the subject See the following entry for more information: TrackingURL
  5. The dictionary predates the Wiki and was just one more of the tools Wazoo came up with to improve on the forum. I imported the majority of the information directly from the Forum Glossary. Then Wazoo came up with the Wiki and I copied the entries once more to the Wiki. For a while I was maintaining all 3 glossaries, but eventually gave up on the dictionary finding the Wiki to me a much better system for information. Here is copy of Wazoo's original post in the MemberP forum announcing the dictionary
  6. Thanks Steve for fixing this. Suprisingly it was already correct in the Wiki version of the Glossary, as most of the entries were copied and pasted from the forum or the Dictionary to the Wiki. I see that it needs to be corrected in the SpamCop Dictionary as well, but since I no longer remember how to log into the dictionary to edit it it will have to stay that way.
  7. Thanks from bringing up this problem. The last time I edited the Wikipedia SpamCop entry was back in July 2007, I was supprised it had been that long ago. I will try to find some time to work on it. You have mentioned a lot of good points that need to be worked into the article.
  8. Well unfortunately there are still a lot of users out there that continue to use these services as their primary email address. In my case 2 of the 5 members of our homeowners association are using hotmail address. It makes it very difficult to work around it especially with my android phone. I am getting very closes to closing my spamcop account as Earthlink's filtering has improved greatly, so much so that the vast majority of my spam comes from my spamcop address that I never give out to anyone. The only advantages left for me are: 1) the "nearly unlimited" storage space you get with no additional cost 2) the fact that using the SMPT service there is no limit to the size of the files that can be sent, but on the other hand, the majority of users do have limits on the file size that they can receive.
  9. I added the information to the forum howto file entry #24831 which is also linked to from the wiki
  10. One thing is see missing here is your email server. Are you using your own email server or one belonging to someone else like your ISP Also if you are using your own email server, who else has access to it? If it is not properly protected you may find some spammer using it which then creates problems for you when your server gets blocked. Though it is a very good idea to include an opt-out link, you should remember that it is generally recommended to NEVER use an "opt-out link" to try to get off a spam email list. The only people that are likely to use the opt-out link are your friends who know who you are but would rather not receive email from you. The following may or may not apply to your situation but should be considered anyway
  11. There were actually 2 separate issues raised here. Steve answered the 1st which was the [at] being replaced with at. - This is simply a function of this forum's setup The second issue was the report address itself. I have sent an email to Don to look into this issue. As stated, this is without question not the address of "Administrator of network where email originates"
  12. Seems like an error in the SpamCop database. Will send an email to Don and see if he can fix the problem.
  13. If you are talking about a single user account or multiple single user accounts, follow Don's suggestion above, but if you are talking about a true "corporate" account with 2-500 employees then see the wiki entry at: http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/SpamCopMailSmallBusiness
  14. see http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/SpamCopPassWordProblems
  15. Don I think you may have read this thread differently. I believe the request is for sending source information, not who filed the spamcop complaint I believe Peter is in the middle between his IP host and Peter's user who sent the mail Peter, did I describe the situation correctly? then Don should be able to help you. Or are you looking for info on who the email was sent to? in which case you are out of luck
  16. It looks like not all mail has made it to the inbox or held mail folder. I had to have one user resend the message. I did a test to multiple email address that all forward to my spamcop address and they all were received quickly. At least that is some good news.
  17. Not that I know of. All credit cards are process through paypal
  18. Here is a link that should work. It does allow for an amount like $13.82 http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/300.html
  19. Reply- Thanks for reporting this issue, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. I would recommend using the search function found in the forum which does still work Reply - This is an age old issue that we are aware of but unfortunately are unable to do anything about it. It should be noted that there are actually two separate SpamCop companies, (see: http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/SpamCopWhatIs ) one that handles Reporting and the one that handles the email service. The forum and wiki exist as part of the email side of the company and is maintained solely by regular users, like yourself. Don is about the only one from the official "Reporting side of SpamCop" who does from time to time post replies to specific questions here, but he is unwilling to provide any assistance in updating and maintaining the forum FAQ or Wiki. The official spamcop.net help pages are so far out of date that they are nearly worthless. It is a shame that no one from the official side of SpamCop is willing to assist us mere users to maintain the forum or wiki FAQ entries let alone the official one. Reply - You may want to take a look at: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/lofiversio...php/t11498.html You can use the Forum search tool at the top of the window to either search the Forum/FAQ or the Wiki (use dropdown box to switch the search to the wiki) Sorry that I do not have time to be of more assistance. Good luck in to search. We would love for you to post your finding here.
  20. How are you accessing your mail? The filters will not work automaticly unless you use the webmail interface. Also have you tried running the filters manually?
  21. It is hard to expand on Steve's (Farelf) post above. Miss Betsy was a calming force in our forums for many years and one of our best contributors. Her memory will surely endure in our archives and in our hearts. A belated thanks for her many contributions here and elsewhere. She apparently lived a full and productive life and will be missed by all that knew her. May the Lord bless and comfort her family and friends as they and we morn her passing for the hole that is left in our lives. But at the same time rejoice in the peace and salvation that she has now found in her Lord and Saviour.
  22. auto forwarding is not recommended as not all catchall mail is spam
  23. Farelf, thanks for taking the time to post the stats, very telling.
  24. Just thought I would share some changes I have noticed regarding the type and content of spam that reaches my inbox. The spam that holds the number 1 spot due to number received is the meaningless "how are you?" with the subject being "hello" and the "To" line always being someone with a .spamcop.net address, but never me. I have a hard time understanding the purpose of this type of spam, as there appears to be no benefit to the spammer. The number 2 spot goes to the attachment spam with various subject lines such as "Resume" "30 Day Notice" "Transaction Breakdown" "demands for payment" "Signed 1003 and disclosures" "Please help me" "A very warm invitation to you" It is these spams that scare me the most as the body content almost forces you to open up the attachment. Yet the one thing they all have in common, which is the very first indication that they are spam, is the simple fact that the "To" line is always address to someone else with a .spamcop.net address. What I find interesting is that the vast majority of the mail I receive goes though my Earthlink account first and is then forwarded to my SpamCop account. Yet the vast majority of the spam that reaches my inbox is mail that goes directly to spamcop.net. I originally set up my SpamCop account as a means to reduce the spam filling my inbox; and it worked for the first year or two. But then Earthlink got on the ball and started doing a much better job of spam filtering with near zero false positives. The only reason I do not say zero false positives is the simple fact that I never check the spam folder, but at the same time I have never received any indication that any valid mail was not received. SpamCop on the other hand does occassionally result in a few valid emails that hit the held mail folder while letting far too many spam leak through. Just for reference, my SpamCop spam filter settings include: all of the blacklists except for Spamhaus PBL, which I have just now added; SpamAssassin Limit of 5. The new "Block Russian" was turned off, yet the amount of Russian spam received has dropped off dramatically. I have just now turned that one on as well. The only reason I continue to use my SpamCop email is the simple fact of the "unlimited" size of the mail box which I use as my primary mail box by forward all my mail from multiple sources to it and using IMAP to access it from multiple computers as well as my cell phone. As a spam filtering service, I find it absolutely worthless. I also gave up on reporting spam several years ago as the cost in time required, by far, exceeded the benefit received. In checking the last 25 messages to hit my SpamCop heldmail folder, all 25 were addressed to a SpamCop account, thus proving to me that forwarding mail from Earthlink to SpamCop for filtering spam is worthless. In checking the last 25 spam messages deleted from my inbox, all 25 were set directly to my SpamCop account. Keeping in mind that about 95% of the valid mail I do receive is NOT addressed to my SpamCop account but is simply forwarded to it from my other accounts. In summary, the only advantage in using my SpamCop email address is the lack of any specified limit to the mail box size or the size of messages that can be sent and received along with the ability to access it using IMAP, which for me justifies keeping the account. Earthlink's limits, which are reasonable, are just too low for my personal requirements. And it is only on the rare occassion that I am forced to use my SpamCop account to send or receive extremely large attachments. It is a sad state of affairs when one has to admit that today Earthlink does a far better job of spam filtering that SpamCop does. To Wazoo and Steve, I was not sure which forum to post this in, as such I chose the lounge. If you think it should be moved, please do so. Thanks for your on going support and maintenance of the SpamCop Forums.
  25. WOW - almost unbleivable! thanks for the post
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