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  1. Now I am beginning to understand. Where I work we are swamped with messages where some of our hosting customers have signed up to SpamCop mail filtering. These are customers who have web hosting, but set our mail server to forward all their mail to some place else, then set SC to filter that mail! We are then seen as the spam relay, thus blocking all mail sent from our servers! Oh what a life! Most of the time the customers are unaware that anything is wrong because they have set SpamCop mail system to automatically report all items that are detected as spam. Thinks - I'd better get an account myself to filter my mail, so that I can see what the setting options are and how to deal with it.
  2. Not disbanded, merely - mv observatory herstmonceaux (a place in Sussex away from the bright lights [literally ] of London. Difficulty of using Zone time is lack of a reference point. That was the reason for defining a 'prime meridian' back in the days of sailing ships. I think it was in deference to the English who did the work on calculating time at sea (Well the government set up a competition, then one of the competitors was on the board of judges!! - read Ms Sobels excellent book 'Longitude' if your are interested in the history).
  3. Hi, I am a newbie here I cannot see the answer to this question elsewhere, so here goes. spammer sends a message saying "I will promote your site www.<domain>" this gets reported to spamcop as junk - quite right, too But, how (or does) the system determine the spammer is the sender of the message, and the URL is the victim? Or will any URL in the message be treated as spam advertised?
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