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  1. I'm not entirely sure this is the right place to ask. If it isn't could the mods please move it to the appropriate place. My employer has 2 outbound mail servers and several times a year they get blacklisted for spam. We have taken several steps and gotten it down immensely but in order to get it to near 0 has us stumped. From what I understand if we get blocked because spamcop got a spam mail on their secret accounts we will get no information from spamcop why we are blocked. So this means the only way for us to find out who the spammer was is to summarize our logs. One thought has been to try and track what users are sending to whom and keep a tally of who is sending to whom. The idea is to have an idea of who is sending massive amounts of email a day and then look at those customers to see if they are spamming people. The problem is the logs the mail server generates are huge. Our daily logs range from 40 to 100megabytes. My boss wrote a query that would summarize these logs but because of the way the logs are it's a multiple step query and we estimated it would take a box costing 5 figures just to process the logs into a summary format. I know there is no budget for a 5 figure cost system so we have to find another solution. Has anyone else gone through this or have any suggestions on how to do this within our limited budget?