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  1. I've actually been pulling my email directly from my own server without the filtering. I have access to seeing it online via SquirrelMail so I can do the filtering manually before I download anything to my desktop. For now, I've deleted my main account from SpamCop (I did that yesterday around mid-day, since I was frustrated at having my email being pulled into the ether and being inaccessible). If any of you are having a similar issue, I suggest you do the same. For now, anyway.
  2. Wow. I just feel completely abandoned here. No news at all on their main webmail page, no actually NEWS from anyone. Don seems to know of the issue, but can't do anything about it? Guess I'll be looking for a new service in the very near future. This is ridiculous. :-/
  3. I'm having the same issue - and sent in one email last night, then another two this morning. This is affecting my business as I'm likely missing jobs. Really hope this matter is resolved soon - or that SOME kind of information is put up about it. As it is, we're all in the dark.
  4. Hmm.. Ok. Seems to be back now, though it had been down since about 5pm this afternoon. If someone fixed that, thank you.
  5. Hi there. Thanks for replying. I'm making it on to other sites just fine though - including the squirrelmail location for my hosted webmail (where it ends up *before* it's filtered by SpamCop). Is there another reason I might get such errors?
  6. Hi guys. When at this url: http://webmail.spamcop.net/horde/imp/mailbox.php I get this error message: "Not Found The requested URL /horde/imp/mailbox.php was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) PHP/5.2.6-1+lenny9 with Suhosin-Patch Server at webmail.spamcop.net Port 81" And when I try logging on through your website by hitting the "webmail" tab, I get this message at the url http://webmail.spamcop.net/ : "No site configured at this address" What's up? Am I the only one experiencing this? If someone could look into it for me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. I'm having the same issue ... And I'm in the same situation as dahauss. I run a business, and spamcop filters all my email, then I pull it down from there. This means that there's I don't know how much email being held captive at this time that I can't access - and hours are ticking by. My ability to respond to potential customers could mean the difference between getting and losing a job.
  8. I'm getting the same error as Tuga. Pretty sure it's still trying to pull my mail from my regular server, too - which means I can't access it. :-/
  9. The folks at HostDime were recommended to me by a web developer I trust to know about competence when it comes to technical knowledge. He respects the guys at HostDime. So far, I've found that web developer to be absolutely spot on in his assessment of them. I didn't think there would be anything in their servers that would be causing this problem, but I guess you can't rule out anything. As I promised to update, it does appear that the problem has been solved. And it appears to be some kind of adjustment that JT made. I have no idea what that entailed, but I re-entered all the POP mail information, then logged out and back in to my account and the system seems to now be downloading my emails as it should. Thank you for your assistance. All the best, --Jodi
  10. Understood. I'm in Canada so not unaware of the Labor Day holiday. But as I'm self-employed and very rarely get any time off myself, I sometimes forget that others do. In any case, I believe my first email came through on Thursday before the holiday started. I gave some details in there that might allow the folks who received that information to recreate the problem - and am not going to include them here because they involve passwords and such, but you get the idea. To specify, I moved my hosting. I used to have my websites (and all their associated email addresses) hosted on the shared servers at BlueHost. I've since moved all the websites and their corresponding email addresses to HostDime where I have a dedicated server. If that's not enough detail, let me know what else you need and I'll be happy to provide it. I looked at that. There's no typo. The SpamCop account can pull email from various different accounts into the one place for filtering - then I download all the filtered email directly from SpamCop. When I go to your "Options" > "Spamcop Tools" > "Configure external POP servers." , it gives me the opportunity to put in multiple POP accounts, the corresponding pop server, email address and password. I've filled these out. The information there IS correct. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be able to use Thunderbird to download the email directly or Mailwasher to view the email on the server (I'm not suggesting Mailwasher is an email program. It filters and allows me to delete spam from my server before downloading. That's what I use it for). However, when I look there now, it's telling me that all three of the other accounts that were not displaying errors previously, are displaying "Cannot fine server" errors - and the one that WAS displaying this error before, is no longer displaying it. Very strange. And I have no explanation for it. I was hoping someone at SpamCop would. I explained above. It's one of the tools I'm forced to use now that Spamcop is not working for me. But it's not an email program, no. There is no typo. I've double checked many many times at this point, just in case that WAS the problem. And the fact that the one account that was giving me trouble before is now the only one that ISN'T displaying that error, seems to corroborate that evidence. I have four pop accounts from which email is being drawn into SpamCop for filtering. As mentioned, before the server move, there had been no problems. I'm wondering if SpamCop just doesn't like the HostDime Servers or has problems with certain IP addresses? No, it doesn't seem to have worked properly once the server was changed, you're correct. But what I meant there was also that it was not showing errors until a certain time too - which is really two separate issues. Still, fixing one, will likely fix the other. And I was unable to find anything that dealt with this particular problem. Hopefully I've explained myself well enough that my question makes sense now? This looks to actually be an error somewhere. At this point, I'm not sure how to fix the problem. If you feel I should look at other FAQs though, I'm fully willing to do that. I just haven't found anything helpful yet. If you still need more clarifications, let me know and I'll do everything I can to provide them. I *think* Jeff from over there might have made some adjustments and possibly fixed the problem though. I'll let you know once I've logged out and in again and waited a bit to see if it works. All the best, --Jodi
  11. Hi there. I'm having a very frustrating issue with my spamcop webmail at the moment. I've written to the folks at Spamcop several times using the "Problem" link but have yet to hear from anyone (it's been about four days since my first email). I'm hoping by posting here, maybe somebody can let me know if it's something I've set in my options that's the problem or if something else is going on. I've just recently switched hosting from BlueHost to HostDime where I now have a dedicate server (unfortunately, the site I switched for was just too big to be handled on BlueHost's shared servers). Before I did that, my POP email was being brought into Spamcop and filtered just fine. Now that I've made the switch, my POP email isn't being pulled into Spamcop at all. I'm not sure what the problem is. For one of the accounts, it even tells me it can't fine the server. To specify, the POP email information IS correct. I can download my email using Thunderbird with those exact same settings just fine - plus, I can use Mailwasher and do the same with no problems. But for some reason, POP pulling within Spamcop's webmail has completely stopped working for me. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I LOVE Spamcop. I'd REALLY like to keep on using the service as I genuinely find it to be the easiest thing out there. But if this keeps up, I'm going to have to switch to Mailwasher (which is a pain in the you-know-where because it requires a HUGE amount of maintenance and I get a LOT of spam in a day). Um... Help? Getting desperate here... --Jodi
  12. Phew. Yeah. I get a lot of odd spam. But I've had my email address up on a popular website I created (it's for songwriters, in case you're interested. It's called The Muse's Muse. I won't post the url here though in case that's a bad thing to be doing but you can find it easy enough if you want to, I'm sure) for over 10 years (the site was created in 1995) and until I completely redo the site (which I will actually be starting to do in the next month or so), it's unlikely it would be possible for me to get rid of all the instances where my email address appears. Not that it would matter anyway as my email address is likely all over every spam list ever CREATED by now. But since this email address is so very tied in with a lot of the things I do, I don't want to just abandon it and start again. <sigh> A pain in the you-know-where. Which is why I rely on Spamcop.net to keep me SANE. Anyway, I'm glad that it looks like things are working again. Phew! I didn't realize how much I relied on this service until today. It's a little embarassing. Thanks again for all your help (and Wazoo and Telarin too!) All the best, --Jodi
  13. I certainly am too! If you see anything out of place, please do let me know. Thanks! All the best, --Jodi
  14. Ah. I see. The parser page. Ok. I just submitted a new spam. I'll see what the answering email from Spamcop has to say about whether or not it went through properly... Thanks for your patience. --Jodi Ok. The parse page is here: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1115099457z6...bb78465548a42cz I don't know if anyone outside of my account can see that, but it looked ok to me in the sense that it didn't *seem* to be blaming samurai.com for the spam... Does that look right to you? --Jodi
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