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  1. I just wanted to report that the new webmail system seems to have fixed a longstanding problem. My usual procedure is to log into webmail, handle all the spam in my Held Mail box (report/release/whatever), and immediately empty the trash and logout. Initially I was upset because the new webmail system didn't appear to have an Empty Trash link at the top any more, but last night I read some threads here and figured out that that link is now a configurable option. I switched it on, and all is good. Previously (for a very long time), I've had a problem with the webmail system in Firefox (various releases) under Mac OS X. The problem was that my initial click on the Empty Trash link usually would not do anything; I'd have to click a second time to get the trash to actually empty. With the new webmail system (and without changing versions of Firefox or OS X), I'm no longer seeing that behavior, which is excellent. I just thought TPTB might like to know about this.
  2. Hmm, never mind. It appears Thunderbird was the culprit. It thought the message was spam and was moving it into Held Mail for me. :-) Best, Tim
  3. The whole point of a whitelist function is to intercept mail from certain senders before it has a chance to get tagged and put in Held Mail. If that isn't how the whitelist works, then I don't see any point in even having it.
  4. Hi everyone, A message showed up a little while ago in my Held Mail. It's not spam, so in the Held Mail list I selected it and clicked on 'Release and Whitelist'. It disappeared from Held Mail...temporarily, as it turned out. I reported the other two messages that were in Held Mail and logged out of the Web mail interface. When I looked in Thunderbird again a moment later, there was a message in Held Mail...and lo and behold, it was the message I'd released and whitelisted! I did release-and-whitelist three more times, and every time it showed up in Held Mail again. I went into my whitelist under Options, thinking that perhaps the address wasn't added to my whitelist after all...but there it was. So it seems that the whitelist function isn't working correctly right now. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks, Tim
  5. Done. PM me (there is PM capability here, no?) with any suggestions for improvements and I'll edit the post. And thanks for the suggestion to add to that thread! Best, Tim
  6. I actually have found that I have a specific need not met by SpamCop's E-mail system. This post will describe how I have decided to handle this. I subscribe to several mailing lists and prefer to sort E-mails from each list into a separate folder. This makes it easier to follow the activity on each list. In addition, as much as possible, I prefer to only save E-mails in my Inbox that I need to reply to. Therefore, the many E-mails that I get that aren't mailing-list posts, and don't require a reply, go into a separate "NoReply" folder so they don't clutter up the Inbox. Because of the volume of E-mail I get, it's considerably simpler to have rule-based filtering sort the incoming E-mail into folders automatically rather than having to move it all myself. I used to retain all my E-mail on my local machine, and use an E-mail client to set up rules and do the filtering and sorting. (I was using Thunderbird.) That worked fine -- until my PowerBook was stolen and I lost a fair amount of E-mail with it. That made me decide to start keeping my E-mail on a server with IMAP, which also provides the advantage that I can access it over the Web from any machine with Internet access and a browser. On my own machine, I still prefer to use an E-mail client to read and compose E-mail. I then began checking on the SpamCop site to see whether the SpamCop system could do filtering on all incoming E-mail. Unfortunately it will not -- you have to be logged in to the Webmail system in order to apply the filters; you can set them up to automatically run each time the Inbox is displayed, but that's as automatic as it gets. Consequently, I ended up obtaining IMAP service from another provider that does give me the ability to set up filters that are applied to all incoming E-mail. I went with imap-partners.net, but there are numerous other providers; I recommend a look at Nancy McGough's Infinite Ink Web page about IMAP for some guidance. Note that it is quite long; be prepared to go through a LOT of useful information on that page. So my setup is now as follows: My primary E-mail address forwards automatically to SpamCop. A few other secondary E-mail addresses are POPped by SpamCop at intervals. In the SpamCop system, under Options - SpamCop Tools - "Select your email forwarding, change your password or mail reports," I've set up my imap-partners.net address for SpamCop to forward all my E-mail to (except for Held Mail, of course; that automatically lands there and stays there). When the E-mail hits imap-partners.net, it's filtered and sorted in the ways I need according to the filters I've set up. As I mentioned above, I then usually handle it from an E-mail client that's pointed at the imap-partners.net server. (I also have that client pointed at the SpamCop server so I can see when mail lands in Held Mail.) Simpler than it sounds (I think) and works well.
  7. Thanks again, Steven (and everyone else). I simply configured the new account in the Mailhosts system and it seems to have worked fine. I will keep a close eye on it, though. As for your second description of what you're doing (having SpamCop be the last stop for your mail), as I'm sure you understand, I can't do that because the last stop for my mail needs to do all that filtering on incoming mail that SpamCop won't do. This setup seems to be working well so far -- IMAP Partners has even managed to catch the spam that SpamCop hasn't caught, dumping it into my "Junk Mail" folder there, so I can easily move it back to the "Held Mail" folder on my SpamCop account for reporting. Best, Tim
  8. Thanks. It was the "in the menu bar at the top of the reporting screen" I didn't get. (I rarely go to that page and hadn't saved the fact that there was a Mailhosts link in the menu bar in my memory.) Since SpamCop is already trusting my other mailhosts, why would I need to re-register those mailhosts? (I'm not trying to quibble, just trying to learn.) Best, Tim
  9. Hey Jeff, The filtering on my trial account at imap-partners.net is working beautifully. :-) So I'm a happy camper and will be converting to a paid account soon. But here's another (SpamCop-related, even) question for everyone: How do I add imap-partners.net to my mailhosts at SpamCop? I've looked in the Options but can't find anything, and a piece of junk mail that went to my imap-partners.net account failed spam reporting after I'd transferred it back to the Held Mail folder on my account at SpamCop. Best, Tim
  10. Nope, but I have now, thanks. I don't want to sort my E-mail into folders manually, though. That's the whole point. I like to sort my E-mail on various criteria: I have separate folders for certain mailing lists, a separate folder for one friend who sends me A LOT of politically-oriented E-mail, and one folder called "NoReply" where I like to put a lot of stuff that I want to read, but that doesn't need a reply. That way I can just leave stuff in the Inbox that needs to be replied to. Once I've replied to it, I move it (yes, manually ) to another folder called "Replied." I want something to consistently do all this sorting for me. That's what computers are for, IMO. I've actually signed up for a trial account at imap-partners.net. A friend of mine swears by them, and if I read their Web site correctly, you can set up filters there that will sort incoming E-mail.
  11. Well, I didn't like Eudora's interface at all, I'm sorry to say. I dumped it about five minutes after I downloaded it. Steven, I'm glad you're happy with it; it's just not for me. Any other ideas? I don't see that logging into Webmail is a good way to handle this (I only log into Webmail when I need to report spam, and I don't want to have to log in just to force filtering to kick in). I also want to say that I do realize that kicking off filtering on every incoming E-mail would be a lot of extra processing for the SpamCop servers, which have enough to deal with already. Perhaps I should consider forwarding all my E-mail from SpamCop to another provider that does offer this capability. Hmm. Best, Tim
  12. Accessing them via IMAP is what I'm doing, and I'm content with that. I particularly like this solution since I had my previous PowerBook stolen in August and lost a lot of E-mail with it. Apple Mail doesn't have problems with filtering this way, but it has other problems that make me not like it. Both Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Entourage tend to forget my rules between runs. Thunderbird usually just drops a few of my rules, while Entourage resets all of them to dump everything into the INBOX (root) folder on the SpamCop server. I'll give Eudora Light a whirl, and possibly the sponsored version as well. (I do love trying out new software!) Thanks to both of you for your help and suggestions. Best, Tim
  13. Hello, I'd like to know whether there's any way to force filtering (the kind that sorts E-mails into various folders, NOT spam filtering!) to be done on every incoming E-mail. The reason for this is that I have searched in vain for a Mac OS X E-mail client that does this kind of filtering and doesn't FORGET my filtering rules between runs :angry:. If I could get SpamCop to do the filtering for me, I wouldn't need rules in the client. Best, Tim
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