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  1. Firefox is currently refusing to open the http://www.spamcop.net/ website page saying it isn't secure. Anyone got ideas?
  2. My webmail has an option to forward as an attachment,. You don't enter a header - just simply forward.
  3. I had a similar thought about my spam filtering account at Fastmail and the answer was, yes report it. I've found the easiest is to forward it to your special SC email address as an attachment and no header in the email. Then just delete the item from the sent and trash folders.
  4. I see spam galore in various sections. That doesn't look good for an anti-spam forum.
  5. Which sort of limits what you can do. Understood.
  6. One thing that differs between this board and others is that reported posts remain visible. I find that odd. Browsing around I came across this regarding spam and it's FREE !!: https://invisioncommunity.com/features/spam
  7. At least one of the forums I moderate on use "spam-O-Matic" which seems quite effective in blocking stuff, and what gets through is easy to report or delete in bulk and deactivates the poster at the same time. @Lking If volunteer Moderators are needed here, I am offering my services. Stop Forum spam mentioned earlier is really just a reference point to check IP's and names against a list of what people report but it has no use in preventing spam in the first place. One step you could take in Invision is utilise flood control to only allow 1 post every 90 seconds or so and perhaps employ a more rigorous membership enrollment process, just suggestions. I remember my old Invision board, it took ages to get it into shape as I kept finding better and better add-ons and coding to improve things.
  8. OMG, so there is, these ageing eyes missed it completely.....thanks ;-)
  9. I see many spam posts in the forums and no report abuse button anywhere, rather odd considering it's a feature on other Invision powered boards.
  10. Yes it appears that way. I finally got the bulk forwarding as attachment thing to work in Fastmail and SC auto-responder worked as it should. Not sure what I was doing wrong before. I should add that Fastmail spam filtering is excellent.
  11. I've tried that and for some reason SC rejects the email. I'll keep trying as they occur.
  12. Sorry I missed those. I can never seem to get any results using the Search function here. OK well that answered my question, thanks. I assume there's no-one investigating this as Cisco seems to wish we would all just disappear, or at least that's the impression I got.
  13. So what has changed recently at Cisco or wherever to suddenly open the floodgates and admit a torrent of spam each day? Too many for me to report so have given up and simply delete them all. They are all addressed to my Cesmail email address and all of course are filtered into a spam folder at my current spam filtering "service", Fastmail, to which all mail gets forwarded now before I POP it out to my desktop.. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  14. Update: Richard came through with one that worked, all is well again, thanks folks ;-)
  15. OK thanks. Am waiting for his latest response. I still can't get logged in. There's something that I'm trying to remember. There's,a quirk about using user name or email, wish I could remember what went on years ago.
  16. Thanks, I've been dealing with Richard at SC Reporting Issues <service AT admin.spamcop DOT net> Not the best place to ask? This happened once before with my account and I posted about it, but could I find it ? No. Not helped by an Advanced Search that kept asking me to wait for ever longer periods before trying again (although I hadn't tried a search yet).
  17. Thanks but....it recognized my email address in the Forgotten Password area, once again it sent a temporary password and once again it would not let me log in
  18. It refuses all my user names that I have ever used, It did send me a reset password twice, however each one failed to get me logged in, is there a problem there? Is service AT admin.spamcop DOT net still the right place to get help?
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