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  1. Configuration and background info - --------------------------------------- Firefox 1.0.7, java scri_pt and so on enabled, no other problems using the SpamCop Web mail interface, using computers in one form or another since 1981. I currently have SpamCop Web mail configured with the Held Mail folder as the default display. I mention this in the off chance that it might somehow be involved with my problem. Description of problem - -------------------------- At the top of virtually all SpamCop windows is an Empty Trash icon. If I click this icon, SpamCop prompts me per my settings to confirm that I do indeed wish to empty my Trash folder. If I click OK, SpamCop refreshes the Web Mail window; as mentioned earlier, in my case means re-displaying the Held Mail folder. What SpamCop does *not* do is empty the trash folder. The *only* way I can get SpamCop Web mail to empty my trash is to select the Folders display, open the Trash folder, select the contents, and click Delete. Alternatively, I can connect via a non-Web email client and use IMAP to empty the trash. ------ Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm typically a reasonably competent user and have tried a few different strategies, all without success. Cheers & thanks, Ric San Francisco
  2. Lking and Steven: I understand your points, but in the case of "famous" or "notorious" spam, I can't help but think there'd be some advantage to automatically handling it as quickly as possible. That in turn becomes part of the larger dialog I've seen on the forum about whether reporting spam via SpamCop or other tools produces any useful result... Ah well, it looks like it's eventually going to become one of those deals where I kill the old email address and start anew... Cheers, thanks, & Happy 2006, Riley
  3. Why can't SpamCop, or at least my own SpamCop filters, automatically report specific messages as spam? My single most frequently received spam is the infamous "Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical" from "Doctor". I'm obliged to manually report this specific message to SpamCop an average of every other day, though sometimes I receive this message more than once in a 24-hour period. The message's subject line ("The Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical" and sender ("Doctor") are always the same. (Paradoxically, given the unvarying nature of the subject line and sender, the originator perodically updates the intentional mis-spelling in the message body intended to confound message filtering...) While I can easily specify SpamCop or even my POP email client to identify and then delete these specific messages, I'm unaware of any mechanism for automatically reporting this message as spam. Those familiar with this specific, recurring message, realize that this is a serious spam'ing operation. The originator usurps resources worldwide to drive these messages into mailboxes; the scope of the operation can be appreciated by doing an Internet search for the message's subject line… It seems to me it would very sensible (a) to have SpamCop simply delete and report these messages without delivering them to me, or at least ( provide me with the filtering tools necessary to automatically report these messages prior to deleting them. Questions / comments / rebuttals? Cheers & thanks, Riley
  4. My goal was to use SpamCop as a single focal point for all my incoming email messages. Insofar as AIM.com supports only IMAP, that's currently not possible and evidently not likely to happen soon, if ever. So while I agree that one can indeed use one's email client to move AIM.com messages into SpamCop, it doesn't address the goal I had in mind when I created the post. Cheers and thanks all, Riley
  5. My goal was to consolidate all of my incoming email into a single SpamCop account. While it's true that I can certainly use my email client to drag-and-drop messages from one account to another, it's not exactly what I had in mind... Cheers & thanks, Riley
  6. Per this post on a related thread: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...id=34473&st=0 "... probably won't happen very soon."
  7. Yes. Per my original post, I've also tried type the IMAP server address used by AIM.com into "Configure external POP servers." Not surprisingly, this produced the expected result of an "error 5" The IMAP server address I applied to Configure external POP servers" is the one I'm using in T'bird. As I see it, by providing neither mail forwarding capabililty nor a means of POP message retrieval, AIM.com Web mail attempts to sustain the AOL philosopy of "keep 'em on the reservation"... Cheers & thanks, Riley
  8. Per this post: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...t=0entry34462 AIM.com Web mail effectively prevents the use of POP to retrieve ("pull") messages into SpamCop. I would suggest that enhancing SpamCop so as to overcome AIM.com Web mail's POP-unfriendliness would be useful. Cheers & thanks Riley
  9. Regarding the AIM.com Web mail error messages, it *may* be a consequence of a problem that reportedly slowed down multiple AOL systems. I read about this problem in this morning's paper -- it may still be occuring... Cheers & hope this helps, R
  10. Does anyone have any ideas how one can pull AIM.com Web mail into SpamCop? First, AIM.com Web mail doesn't provide the means of forwarding mail to another address. (Gee, what a surprise...) Second, AIM.com accounts evidently aren't "trickable" as described in this SpamCop help advisory: http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/305.html More specifically, attempts to use popgate.cesmail.net to pull AIM.com mail into SpamCopy results in an invalid password error. YES, I have carefully and repeatedly verified that I've put the correct password into "SpamCop Webmail | Options | SpamCop Tools | Configure external POP servers." Just to see what happens, I've also tried type the IMAP server address used by AIM.com into "Configure external POP servers." Not surprisingly, this produced the expected result of an "error 5" insofar as one shouldn't expect to use POP to retrieve IMAP mail. (I didn't expect to, but thought I'd try before posting...) I already know how to configure my Thunderbird email client to access AIM.com via IMAP. I'd much prefer, however, to figure out if I can "trick" AIM.com into giving up my messages to SpamCop. Any ideas? Cheers & thanks, Riley
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