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  1. I'm assuming this needs a fix by SpamCop staff, which is why I opened the ticket. But since I hadn't gotten a response to that yet, and I know the staff often read the forum postings, I was hoping it might help to get a quicker answer. I checked the FAQ post, but since I cannot access my account for some reason (which was also in the ticket) there isn't much I can do WRT fixing it myself. Thanks for the suggestion on sending an email. If I don't hear anything on my ticket in a while, I'll do that.
  2. Several days ago I stopped receiving submission notifications. I attempted to log on to my account (reporting only), but was not able to. I opened a ticket yesterday (Case 51925), but haven't gotten a response yet. Can this be addressed, or should I create a new reporting account?
  3. I'm aware of the prior discussions on too many links, and read through many of them prior to posting this. My thought was to address a very specific aspect of the issue: when there are multiple identical links that differ only by machine name, treat it as the same link. You may well be correct that only one or two spammers are aware of this trick, through design or dumb luck. And it may soon go away. Or it may not. And while "Spammer Rule #3" may often apply, there's another to keep in mind: Never underestimate your enemy.
  4. Lately I've seen quite a number of spam messages that generate the "Too many links" error when attempting to report. However, they are actually all the same link with different machine names. These are all going to the same domain, and the spammers are certainly just logging (or ignoring) that portion of the URL. For example: Resolving link obfuscation http://quaveringly.norinque.info/web/campa...2VmungedNvbQ==e http://abrasive.norinque.info/unsub/ http://manley.norinque.info/report/ http://exerciser.norinque.info/web/campaig...2VmungedNvbQ==e http://dauntlessly.norinque.info/web/campa...2VmungedNvbQ==e http://predaceous.norinque.info/web/campai...2VmungedNvbQ==e http://philanthropical.norinque.info/web/c...2VmungedNvbQ==e http://unhelpful.norinque.info/web/campaig...2VmungedNvbQ==e http://unopposed.norinque.info/web/campaig...2VmungedNvbQ==e Too many links. All of the above are going to norinque.info. The machine names (quaveringly, abrasive, manley, etc.) are purposely confusing the reporting software into thinking they are different. While of course it's still possible to manually report that domain, as this practice by the spammers becomes more prevalent, it would make sense to make Spamcop aware of that and not be fooled by it.
  5. I've been a Spamcop member for many years. I started out with a free reporting account, but eventually switched to a paid account so that in addition to reporting I could have Spamcop filter my incoming messages. That worked out very well for quite some time, though this past May I decided to stop using my Spamcop email account for a number of reasons, which I wrote about in another post. Even though I'd stopped using my paid account, it was still valid until a few days ago. When it finally lapsed my reporting address stopped working, so I had to dig-up my original free reporting account to start using that again. Since I've been using my free reporting account, the time to process my spam reports has gone from minutes to hours... or sometimes never. I was also surprised to see a prominent link for "Add Fuel to your account" on the reporting page. I don't recall that being there from when I'd last used the free reporting, though admittedly that was many years ago, so maybe I just forgot about it. If I start buying fuel will it be fast again like my paid account? But my point of writing is this: Ironport runs a commercial service. They have the Spamcop paid email accounts (which I'm aware is a separate company from Spamcop reporting), as well as providing filtering services to companies. In fact, a couple of years ago the company I work for switched from the email filtering system they had been using to Ironport. When I saw that I pointed out to one of our email admins that I was one of those supplying the spam reports to Ironport. So if I understand this correctly, we Spamcop reporters send in our spam messages, which Spamcop parses and generates reports from. One of the products of that is a blacklist of ISPs and other mail servers that originate spam. Ironport in turn uses that blacklist to run their commercial filtering service. But it seems that Spamcop wants (albeit doesn't require) for me to pay for the privilege of reporting spam. Apart from giving me a warm fuzzy that I'm doing something to fight back against spam, reporting it has little direct benefit to me. It may get some spammers shut down, though considering the volume of spam, it probably does about as much good as throwing rocks at a tank. The biggest benefit is to the users of the blacklists, such as Ironport's customers, of which I am no longer one. If anything, it probably gets me rewarded with more spam, since despite Spamcop's attempt to mung my address, I am aware that many of the spam messages contain tracking information that still lets them know it was me who reported them. I would assume-- though admittedly don't know for a fact-- that Spamcop gets money from Ironport for sharing their blacklist information. It would make no sense for them not to. So why are they charging the users who are dutifully reporting the spam? If the money they get from Ironport doesn't cover the costs of running Spamcop, then they should be charging Ironport whatever is necessary to cover the costs. Without the Spamcop reports, would Ironport's filtering service even exist? Maybe I'm way off base here, and if so I'd appreciate that someone straighten my tie. But it seems that Spamcop is not only charging their customers, but also charging their suppliers. So what am I missing? I'm just asking.
  6. I got a lightning-fast response to my message to the admin address. Don said my account looked okay, though the username & submit address he included were not what I had been using. What happened is that a while back I decided to let my paid email account lapse, and apparently today was the day it went inactive. What Don had sent was my original reporting account, so I'm back to using that, and everything is working fine.
  7. Thanks for the confirmation. I also tried a password reset, but that didn't work. I've sent an email to the admin address.
  8. I submitted 3 messages to the reporting system this morning. I didn't get an email saying they were ready to process, but decided to log in anyway, in case the email was delayed. However, when I submit my HTAccess login information, it just keeps prompting me again for my username/password. Is the reporting system down, or is it just a problem with my account? Thanks, -George
  9. When this occurred yesterday evening, I had very little time to react. Usually in a situation like this, I like to take some time to think it through: what could have caused it, and based on that what are the best actions to take. However, my hosting service had already pulled the plug on my domain. When I was speaking to the woman in their abuse department I explained why all those forwarders were pointed to Spamcop (there were almost 200 of them). She was helpful and polite, but it was also obvious that she was none too happy that they had been threatened with being blacklisted. So after a long conversation, it became apparent that the only way she was going to reinstate my account was if I pointed those forwarders somewhere else. My course of action was to point all of the Spamcop forwarders to my Gmail account. They have a very robust spam filter, and my biggest concern was the knowledge that I get several hundred spams per day to those addresses, in addition to the few dozen legitimate emails. Once I have some time to regroup, I may use the hosting company's Spamassassin service (which is free with my account), or I may stick with Gmail if that works well. Gmail has IMAP access, which I haven't used before, but which certainly has its advantages. I received a PM from Don offering to help. But I think I'm going to stop using my Spamcop account, for a few reasons. First, at the moment my hosting company is satisfied because I've redirected my forwarders. Even if Don were to work something out with them, if there were to be another false alarm in the future, they may not be so easy to appease. I'm very happy with this hosting company (I've been through several), and I don't want to have to find another one. Another reason is that I don't think Spamcop is as effective as it once was, due to the changing landscape of spamming. It used to be that most spam came from nefarious ISPs, hijacked servers or spammers who set-up their own servers. That was a relatively small number of sources which Spamcop could identify via the reports, and blacklist them, effectively shutting them down. Now, the majority of spam is originating from millions of infected computers. This makes the blacklisting method nearly useless. It's very much like the difference between the Cold War and today: back then we had a large, visible enemy. We knew where they were, what they could do, and could watch them. Now we're dealing with a large number of small operatives, and they are embedded with the general population. And just like dropping a bomb on an Afgahni village kills a lot of innocent people along with the bad guys, blacklisting an ISP because they have a user with an infected computer casts too wide a net, hurting every other user using that ISP. Granted, the ISPs need to do a better job of addressing their infected users. But if they don't then all of their users suffer. It's probably because of those reasons that I've been forced to use the option of only passing whitelisted users in Spamcop. That means I'm really not making use of any of the Spamcop features other than reporting spam. So I'm basically paying for a service that's allowing me to report the spam, but is no longer giving me a direct benefit, since I can set up whitelisting accounts by other means, which won't cost me anything. I also have been increasingly unhappy with the lack of any kind of updates to the service. I posted years ago that the whitelist management was far too basic and incredibly tedious to manage, and I know several others have also asked for enhancements there. But it's still the same crappy interface that was always there. They released a new Webmail a couple of years ago, which did not work on my Treo with the Blazer browser (the previous version, which looked pretty much the same, worked flawlessly on my Treo). That was never addressed. They did come out with a mobile version, but incredibly it had no spam reporting capabilities. That list goes on. One of my beefs with most Web sites is that they are continually tinkering with the sites, adding new 'features', until they become overly cluttered and gimmicky. I figure it's because they need to give their developers something to do. Spamcop, OTOH, put out the system, then continue to collect their fees, but don't put any of that revenue back into improving the system. They really should have, instead of just paying their operating expenses and pocketing the rest. Lastly, I've been reporting spam to Spamcop for more years than I care to remember, and it's become somewhat of an obsession. I wanted to report each one as quickly as possible, since the sooner they got identified, the quicker they'd be shut down. In fact, my average reporting time is less than 1 hour (I'm curious just how much under an hour it is, but Spamcop doesn't say.) But when I take a step back, I realize that it's probably become an OCD behavior for me, so it's probably a healthy thing for me to stop. And, as I explained above, I don't know how truly effective it is anyway. What a long, strange trip it's been.
  10. I have my domain hosted by a commercial provider (BlueHost). Today they shut down my Web and Email services, and sent me a notification that my account was being deactivated due to "Terms of Service Violations". I immediately called their support desk, and what I was told floored me: They said I had many forward accounts that were pointing to Spamcop, and that Spamcop had reported me for forwarding spam. I couldn't believe it! I explained that that was email to me which I was forwarding it to my Spamcop account, which I was paying for, so that the spam could be filtered. She said that apparently when they look at the spam, my domain server was one of the hops along the way to Spamcop, and therefore Spamcop was blacklisting BlueHost, because of the spam they were receiving from me. This is completely unbelievable. I pay Spamcop to process my forwarded email. And now they're reporting ME to my hosting service as a spammer because the spam passed through my account? The whole concept is absurd beyond words. So the only way I could prevent BlueHost from pulling the plug on my account was to immediately delete any forwarders that pointed to Spamcop. I was told if I did that, they would reinstate my account. So, I guess my long relationship with Spamcop is done. First, I see no point in using Spamcop if I can no longer forward email accounts to them. I certainly have no intention of using my spamcop email address as the only address I give people. But more importantly, I have a hard time giving my money to a service that turns around and reports me as being a spammer for attempting to use my paid service in the way I assumed it was intended to be used: forwarding my emails, which are mostly spam, to them.
  11. Since it has been 6 months since the problems with mobile devices was being looked into, I'm checking back for a status report. It is still not possible to report spam, and it seems that since nobody has been complaining that the problem is simply being ignored. What makes this issue especially infuriating is the fact that this has only been a problem since the upgrade last summer; the older version worked fine.
  12. I had used the 'Problems' button on Webmail, which I thought from Trevor's message was an either/or thing with the email address. But at your suggestion, I'm sending it via email also. The bottom line is that all this functionality worked flawlessly with the old version of Webmail. I also use this phone to surf dozens of other sites that are not specifically designed for mobile without any problems. Obviously something was changed between the versions, possibly bad java scri_pt that Firefox and IE manage to deal with.
  13. I posted this via the 'Problems' button in Webmail, but it seems to have been ignored, so I thought I'd try posting here. I am unable to use Webmail for spam reporting on my mobile device (Trēo 650 w/ Blazer browser). I can access the site and view mail, but clicking on links such as 'Report as spam' do not work. Neither does clicking on the first checkbox to select all message, or drop-downs such as 'Mark As'. I never had a problem using the previous Webmail version on this device. I can access the mobile version, but it has no spam reporting capability. I was unable to test the new Webmail on my mobile device during the beta phase, because at that time accessing Webmail from there was automatically redirecting it to the mobile version. This is a serious issue for me, as much of the time my only access to Webmail is via my mobile device.
  14. I tried the testing suggested in the FAQ, such as sending from different outgoing mail servers, and cc:'ing other addresses to make sure my ISP wasn't blocking it. In doing that, I never had an outgoing message blocked by the ISP, and while testing some messages were processed by spamcop, & others weren't. I also always checked to see if it was received by going to the reporting page, and not relying on the notification email, so any problems would have been with either spamcop not receiving the message, or else not processing it. I have completely given-up on trying to use the email submission for the past couple of weeks, since for every one I forward I have to keep track of whether it got processed. So as much of a pain as it is to manually cut and paste the full message with headers, at least I know it's getting reported.
  15. Steven, Thanks for the quick & helpful response! I'd tried searching for an existing post (honest!) but hadn't found those. I've run several tests, though the results are mixed at best. I've forwarded spams through my normal ISP, and also through a different mail server, to see if it was my ISP. In the first test only 1 went through, though the second time they both did. Anyway, I now know what to look at.
  16. For the past several days the ability to report spam by forwarding to submit.xxxxx[at]spam.spamcop.net has not been working for me. In the past, the response time for this has varied greatly, to anywhere from a minute to several hours. However, nothing I've forwarded in the past several days has ever been processed, which has forced me to use the copy-paste mail source method. :angry: Is anyone else having this problem?
  17. Webmail seems to be acting up again. It's running in fits and starts, with extremely slow response, or at times none at all.
  18. I just tried adding an attachment, & got the following error: DB Error: no such table
  19. I also started seeing extremely slow response on Webmail starting about an hour ago. Prior to that this morning it seemed okay.
  20. I am still unable to get to the Webmail page. I've also tried going to the secure site, as some have had success with, but either simply gives me a blank page. 6 hours and counting, and the only 'official' news is that there was a problem, but everything is fine. That was posted 3 hours ago, and from where I sit things don't look any better than they did at 11:30 EDT.
  21. As of about 15:00 GMT on Tuesday (4/18) the Webmail interface to the Spamcop mail accounts seems to be down. When accessing, I get any of the following responses: - Server not found - Redirected to mailsc.spamcop.net - A truncated login screen, with username & password fields, but no 'Language', 'Submit', 'News', etc. I haven't yet seen any notices posted of a known outage on any accessible page. Is anyone else having these problems?
  22. I am also unable to access email via either POP3 or Webmail. :angry:
  23. One area where the Spamcop tools seem to be a bit lacking is in the ability to maintain your whitelist/blackist. My whitelist has grown quite large, and I'm sure that many of the entries are obsolete, or could be grouped under a domain (the majority of my entries are created using the 'Add to Whitelist' function when releasing messages.) One of the biggest problems is that the entries can only be viewed 15 at a time, which makes it very tedious to search through the entries. I would love to be able to dump all the entries, clean them up, then load them back in. But to do that, a few new features would need to be added: * The ability to export the existing entries. I would even be happy if I could simply be able to display all the entries on a single page, and I could copy/paste them into another file. * The ability to upload whilelist entries from a file. This could be a very simplistic, 1 entry per line textfile. * The ability to clear all current entries. This would be most useful just prior to uploading new entries (such as after an export and clean-up.) The above should be fairly simple to implement, since they would not require any changes to the functionality of the existing data. However, since I'm asking, there are a couple of additional features that, while more complicated to implement, would also be very helpful: * Showing, for each whitelist entry, the date it was last accessed (in other words, the last time an incoming message had that address/domain.) * Indicating the number of hits on an entry These would make it much easier to weed out one-time entries, or ones that are no longer being used, so that they could be deleted. If a file export were done, these two fields could be part of the dump to a csv file. I would think that more concise whitelists would help Spamcop's performance (it certainly wouldn't hurt!)
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