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  1. The suggestions actually have to do with having some fashion of setting a parameter (the SpamAssassin threshhold is a nice one -- better than my suggestion!) so that mail that meets the criteria is completely deleted and does not show in my held mail. To be clear, I'm satisfied with the level of blocking SpamCop is doing in terms of what gets forwarded to my clean account. It's just that I do have to review the held mail for false positives, and it would be nice to be able to prune it before I have to look at it. I do have a group of about ten hosts that ONLY send spam (regardless of the from), and they send a LOT! So I was thinking the personal black list would be a nice way for ME to have control over stuff that just gets discarded and not passed to my held mail folder. Some fashion of having a group of mails deleted, whether based on personal blacklists, SpamAssassin threshholds, or whathaveyou, would not only save users time in reviewing held email, but would also conserve disk space and server resources for SpamCop.
  2. I belong to a variety of mailing lists that use a polite subject but use the original sender as the envelope-from rather than the mailing list. In general, I don't want to whitelist all of these senders as some of the tech lists have high turnover and the members are not personally known to me. I would love the ability to search for the mailing list tag in the subject line of my email messages and forward based on the fact that this tag exists. I know that this is not perfect given that spammers are putting weird [stuff] in subject lines, but if it matched on my specific mailing list tags, I think I'd get more valid stuff through than invalid stuff. Is this too cumbersome for server performance? I know subject scanning can be done in sendmail, for example, but not sure if it adversely affects performance given the volume of mail spamcop is servicing.
  3. My held mail is so unwieldy any more that if I don't check it constantly throughout the day it is too cumbersome to check for false positives (and I get a lot of these thanks to mailing lists where some of the members come from domains in the various blacklists). It seems that if I could blacklist the worst offenders, I could get my held mail down to a far more reasonable level. I'd like to suggest that matches to personal blacklists just get deleted and not moved to held mail. Since most of the blocks come from the spamcop blacklists anyway, I don't think it should hurt anything if I don't report them (I haven't seen much evidence that reporting does much good anyway).
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