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  1. FOLLOW-UP: I did a query on the return email address (MAILER-DAEMON[at]mail1002.opentransfer.com} and it doesn't exist. The opentransfer.com domain name exists, of course, so it just looks like a forged address. At this point I'm trying to figure out the payload or benefit for the spammer/phisher, using a fake failed message note.
  2. Over the past week, I've noticed a handful of emails, purporting to be message delivery notice failures, with my Spamcop email address, but another display name. Some appear to be from Yahoo. The rejecting entity on the latest one is from, "MAILER-DAEMON[at]mail1002.opentransfer.com. Is this just another scam of some sort, or is it possible my Spamcop account has been hijacked? Thanks.
  3. Up until approximately two weeks ago, I would receive 20 or less emails that went to my Held Mail folder. Then all of a sudden I started receiving 75 to 100 of these emails per day, and the uptick is due to emails coming from Russia. Can a filter be put in to immediately block and delete any emails containing Cyrillic characters? I have ZERO reason to receive ANY emails from someone from Russia. This is annoying and can be easily fixed with such a filter. Thanks.
  4. I am having the same problem and have employed the same countermeasure but it is having no effect. Approximately 90% of my Held Mail is the Russian spam, characterized by Cyrillic characters in the subject and text. While it's good that Spamcop is catching all this and putting it in Held Mail, it's a time waster because I still have to sift through Held Mail to ensure no legitimate emails have been trapped. Why isn't there a simpler fix for paying customers of Spamcop? Thanks!
  5. cissp

    Influx of spam?!

    Thanks for the information and suggestions. I just went through my daily dose of held mail (ONLY 120 because it's Sunday), and I could not find any attributable to any of my NYMS disposable email addresses. These are all going to Spamcop. Some are going to my Spamcop email address specifically, but a good many others seem to be using a wildcard of sorts to send to a mass number of undisclosed Spamcop email addressees. The good part is that Spamcop filters are catching them. The bad part is that the Spamcop filters are catching them and I still end up with an unacceptably high number of daily emails going into Held Mail. Thanks, Chuck
  6. cissp

    Influx of spam?!

    Actually, Spamcop is doing what's it's supposed to do, and very effectively. The problem is outside of Spamcop's control. My Spamcop account has been given out to many different entitites--friends, family, businesses, lists, job sites, etc. Unfortunately, some of these entities, probably the majority being business related, are less than honest folks, and sell email addresses. Then you end up getting crap emails touting Viagra pills, porn, fake high end watches, get rich quick schemes, etc. I use an application called Nyms, which are specific, disposable email addresses tied to my Spamcop account (which the person being given my email doesn't know). The concept is, if I create this new account, and start getting spam, I can easily check the source and see that it came from a specific email address, which is directly tied to a specific entity/web site. If I want to stop receiving from them, I simply delete the email account. Unfortunately, with me receiving approximately 180 emails a day going into Held Mail, it would be a very time intensive effort to check every received email in there to look for the offending spammer. The only solution I see is to cancel my specific Spamcop account name and start using another. The problem is, so many people have that email address that legitimate folks wouldn't be able to reach me unless I remembered who they were and provided them another email address. Thanks, Chuck
  7. cissp

    Influx of spam?!

    I have also been experiencing a significant increase in spam email, to my Spamcop account. On the plus side, Spamcop is, and has been in the several years I've had a paid account, catching 99% of spam and sending it to Held Mail. On the down side, I am now receiving approximately 180 spam emails a day. It is a pain and time consuming to go through Held Mail, just to ensure a legitimate email didn't get tagged as spam. Does anyone have any idea why the amount of spam has increased lately? I can't believe I'm longing for the days of receiving, "only", 40-50 spam emails a day! Thanks, Chuck
  8. No, until approximately one week ago, I did not receive a confirmation message to report each message as spam. However, based on your recommendation, I'm doing them in a batch of 20. Since I use Nyms for my Spamcop account for various web sites, I individually check each message to determine if I've started to receive spam to one of these Nym accounts. After checking each message, then I select all and report as spam. Thanks for the help.
  9. Sorry, I should have included more information. I forward all my Spamcop mail to my ISP, in Outlook. Spamcop does as it should, in that it blocks probably most of those emails that are truly spam. What I mean is when I log into my Spamcop account via the web interface, and review messages in Held Mail. Again, most (99%) of these messages in Held Mail are truly spam. What I do with each and every spam message in Held Mail is Report As spam. That's where the hassle is. When I select a message to report as spam, I get the added "feature" of, "Are you sure you want to report this as spam?". Previously (until a week or so ago) I didn't have this confirmation message, and would like to get rid of it. Is that any clearer? Thanks.
  10. Since a new version of Spamcop mail came out recently, there is a new feature I would like to disable. When I select a message to Report As spam, I now get a confirmation window. How do I get rid of this? It's adding one more step that is personally unnecessary to me. Thanks!
  11. For quite some time, since using my Spamcop account, I have been averaging approximately 15-20 spam emails a day. Although I forward emails from Spamcop to my ISP POP3 account, most of the actual spam is being caught within Held Mail, so I rarely see spam get through to my ISP POP3 account. Therefore, Spamcop is doing what it's supposed to do, very well. Recently, though, I decided to try to find a way to decrease the number of spam messages, by selecting some of them and using the report option. Perhaps only receiving 15-20 spam messages a day is not much, but it is something I have to stay on top of, by reviewing them to ensure there are no legitimate emails being held. Additionally, I recently starting using Anonymizer Nyms, so that any time I need to provide my email address, it is with a unique Nym. That way, if I ever start receiving spam from that account, I'll know where it originated from and I can delete the Nym so that mail from that source will be undeliverable. Aside from using the Nyms, is reporting Held Mail a good thing or a bad thing? Specifically, does it increase the chance of getting more spam? Thanks!
  12. I've had a Spamcop email account for a few years, and it works as it should. That is, I would say that 99.5% of messages in Held Mail are spam. However, I am receiving 25-30 emails a day, sometimes more. Because of this, I find the only way to stay on top of things is to review my held mail everyday and delete them. The mistake I've made is giving out my Spamcop account for most newsletters, on-line ordering, etc. For a future remedy to this problem, I've started using Anonymizer Nyms, so that I can create disposable email addresses, and also know where the spam is originating from. Then I can delete a given email account and the spam is gone. However, what do I do about the email that's coming through now to my Spamcop account in Held Mail? I don't respond to any, and do not report any. I simply let Spamcop's filters do their job, and it does that well. Thanks, Chuck
  13. I will provide more details, in hopes that we can all get "up to speed" in understanding my issue. I am using Spamcop web-based mail (as opposed to using a mail client, such as Outlook, Eudora, etc). At work, I'm accessing my web-based Spamcop email account on a XP Pro machine, and although my primary web browser is Firefox, I have used Firebird, Mozilla, Opera, and IE, all producing the same problem with the mail attachments. On "my home network", I'm using one host exclusively, and it's running W2K, using all the aforementioned web browsers, but again, Firefox primarily. "...but then go on to say "at work with SpamCop" which is intersting in and of itself " Really? Why is that? I find it fairly common for people to access web-based email accounts from work, since all that is required is a web browser. Having said that, perhaps we can now say this is an issue with using the Spamcop web-based email feature, and using two different Windows OS's and several web browsers are producing the same problem with attachments. That being the case, if someone feels this is indicative of a problem that needs to be addressed in another forum, so be it. If so, please let me know and I'll go to that appropriate forum. Thanks, Chuck
  14. Sorry about not providing more detail for my query. In all instances, the file attachments have been MS Word documents, so all have had a ".doc" extension. Also, the file size has averaged between 30-60KB, and never anything larger than that. I do understand some of the limitations an ISP or one's corporate POP3 server could put on file attachments, in terms of mail filters, AV, and policy. I'm actually a security engineer, so I'm well familiar with that area. As I said, though, this problem seems to occur 50% of the time I'm sending mail with these ".doc" extensions. Once I review a message I just sent in the Sent Mail folder, and determine that it did not include the attachment, I retransmit it back to the recipient and this subsequent transmission then includes the attachment (although sometimes it requires a third attempt). Having said all that, the fundamental question remains the same: Why are approximately half of my messages with attachments not including the attachment? Thanks, Chuck
  15. I have a problem sending mail with attachments, in that half the time I do, the attachment isn't being included with the mail message. I have verified this by including a copy to Sent Mail, and there I see where half my messages are going out without a file I attached. Since I have a software firewall, I temporarily disabled it while sending mail, just to ensure it wasn't blocking outbound attachments. This has happened regularly both on my home network, as well as using my Spamcop account at work. These are two OS's, W2K and XP Pro. Anyone have any idea why files are not attaching to my sent mail so often? Thanks, Chuck