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  1. No, not Ted, nor Tedd. Not even technically T'Khula. She won't visit forums because of inconsiderate boobs that launch into verbal attacks just because she says "hello". I signed her up for the spamcop account a few years back, and she has always had this problem. I joined this forum under her handle, because it's her account that this is in reference too. But I pay the bills, including the one that gets paid for the webmail account. I saw no 'signs'. I read the FAQ, saw no references to 'Horde' anywhere that I've looked. Simply went to the website, did the limited prerequisite clicking around, and then joined here. Read a few of the (voluminous) guidelines for the forum, and lacking any easily decipherable idea of where to post suggestions, I posted it under the forum "webmail" since it was a webmail suggestion. I did note the 'suggestions' forum, but since there are several offerings for spamcop I decided to play it 'safe' and post to the webmail forum. Sounds like misposting is a problem here. Maybe ya'll should streamline the (voluminous) guidelines and simplify the interface. ...but that ain't my problem. My problem is getting through the 14 pages of daily spam that comes into the account, and the thousands of messages taking up spamcop server space that I can't easily delete. Thought that suggestions might be welcome. Guess not. I wonder if my business is welcome? -RAnthony for T'Khula
  2. Just a quick note. I forward mail from another account to my spamcop account for the purposes of filtering. I've established whitelists for the contacts that I want to see mail from, so I don't need to check the held mail everyday, and even if I did there are still several (averaging 14 pages, do the math) pages of held mail that is spam that I get each day. I'd like to be able to quickly delete all the held mail without reviewing it, a button like the "Emtry Trash Folder" button. Perhaps the ability to simply delete all mail that is older than what can be reported. As it is, the mail simply stacks up and it becomes an impossible task to simply delete it all. Thanks. -T'Khula
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