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  1. That's an improvement. Wish I'd run across that myself. A button would still be better. A maintenance option that culls held mail older than 2 (two) days would be good too. -RAnthony
  2. Like I said, you still have to log on, whether it's the webmail or the reporting interface. At a volume of 200 messages a day (at least) the regular reporting interface just isn't an option. That is why I purchased the webmail address in the first place. If I didn't want to report the spammers, I'd simply use one of the filtering clients that are available now. There is no need to pay for filtering service if that's what someone is after. Thunderbird filters spam, Gmail filters spam, etc. It's the ability to track down and report spammers that I come to Spamcop for. Whatever, 2 days. As if the timespan was the issue, instead of the lack of ability to clear unwanted mail quickly. -RAnthony
  3. I'd rather put a gun to my head and pull the trigger than voluntarily use any MicroSux software designed for communication. Might as well just load the viruses myself, it saves time. Outlook and Outlook Express are outmoded anyway. I've used Thunderbird for 4 years and never had a problem yet. I haven't needed to use IMAP yet, and I don't see the need to use it now just to jump a hurdle in the interface; aside from which, how do you report spam from outside? You still have to log on to the webmail interface for that, right? What's the purpose of a Spamcop account if you aren't reporting the spam that can be reported? The purpose of the "empty held mail" button would be to get rid of the older unreportable mail in the event that you don't log on at least every three days, IMHO. -RAnthony
  4. I have to agree that getting the same FAQ in all the places that a FAQ is referenced would be a great start to clarifying things around here. The one referenced above seems to be an improvement. It is worlds better than the information available on spamcop's pages. However... I think Wazoo was saying that Spamcop isn't responsive to suggestions involving changing thier pages. So I don't know how possible the suggestion is. But I'll second it anyhow. -RAnthony
  5. Thanks. I'll try to set the number of viewed messages to 1000, and try to visit every three days at least. Otherwise held mail will go over the 1000 message mark. Given that the interface isn't likely to be changed, that solution (upping the number of messages viewed in the webmail interface for held-mail) will have to do. Thanks for the help. -RAnthony
  6. No, actually, I did notice the "User to user" note on the forum FAQ. That's why I offered a 'thank you' and a civil response to the other users who didn't bite my head off and accuse me of being somebody else. Once again, it's that "hosted by spamcop" issue that makes me think that information available here could be made available there. You have my sympathy if it's that hard to get them to listen to you. The information should be available directly in the webmail interface. That it isn't is going to continue causing problems for users, and they are going to show up here and give you (Wazoo) hell about it. I'm glad I'm not in your shoes. -RAnthony
  7. On the 'association' disclaimer: It's pointless. The forums are hosted on spamcop's site. Spamcop's services are available from the forum site. (I'm not complaining, it's very convenient) Every user who shows up here with a question is going to assume that people who work on the spamcop tools (at the very least) use the forum, if not manage it. You could put a label on the top of the page in 48 point font and it won't make a difference. If it bugs you (and it seems that it does) take something to ease the pain, because it isn't going to stop happening. Going off on a tear about it only pisses off the users, resulting in the types of discussions we've just been engaged in. On the FAQ: Well, it's not just the FAQ. Frankly, I find that there is too much information on every page of the forum. And there appears to be several FAQ's, but not all of them are available everywhere that the 'FAQ' notice is posted. (personally, this is the most confusing part. Too many different FAQs, all of which the admins expect you to read) Some of them lead to the full FAQ index, some of them lead to an 8 page under construction thing that I never seem to be able to get away from. It doesn't answer any questions except the most basic questions regarding the forum itself. The full FAQ is a daunting 8 mile long list of links. While I have browsed it, I'm uncertain how I can find anything in it without spending hours looking. If the service is really that complex, then you have my sympathy. Obviously, I could not have read the entire FAQ in the time that I've been a member (less than a day) Expecting anyone to spend more than 15 minutes aquainting themselves with a forum is more than a little unrealistic. As I pointed out, I'm a newbie here, but not a newbie to forums. The structure of the forums is confusing at first glance. Maybe I'd get used to it if I was planning on hanging around, I don't know. It's hard to tell what is part of the specific forum, and what isn't, since there are several levels of information at the start of each forum, many of which take you somewhere else entirely, and it's not clear that you are somewhere else until you check where you are in the forum structure. Again, maybe I'd get used to it. Erratta: BTW, yes, this is an improvement over the informationless original spamcop interface. If I appear frustrated, there is a reason. I've been struggling with the interface for awhile with no place to go until I wandered in here. One of the problems is that the main page of the spamcop site remains an unhelpful void. The method to get here from there involves several levels of maneuvering. And this is the first 'helpful' place that shows up. (and I'm sure that noobs that show up from the truly 'unassociated' .com and .org sites are very confused and/or angry) My case in point. I wanted to be able to simply clear the held mail folder, in a fashion similar to clearing the trash folder. It's not available in the interface, so it's a suggestion. I go to www.spamcop.net (after thinking about it for a bit) Nothing there. Oh! help on upper left corner. Look through the listings... Ah, contact SpamCop. Nope, no contact info. OK, top of the list is the forums, but maybe I should look around first. No, no obvious way to make suggestions, off to the forum. Read me firsts, OK, done that (skimmed them anyway) Where to post a suggestion? (admittedly I had not realised that there were several FAQs at this point, or I might have done more browsing) Well, there is a forum for "new features" (could have sworn it had a different name last night) but is it intended for all spamcop services? Doesn't say. There is an email forum, safe bet would be to post under the e-mail forum (again, the name seems to be different today) worst case scenario, it gets moved to the right place. ...and here we are. Noobs ask noob questions. Just a fact. Like the association 'problem', there is no getting around it. Take something for the pain, and let someone else deal with the newbies. BUT... I only had this one thing I wanted to discuss. If there had been a quick way to simply make a suggestion, ask a question; a simple webform to catch all the noobs with helpful suggestions or stupid questions, they wouldn't land here and cause the pain in the first place. Give them an automated response with the FAQ linked to it. If they have further questions, then they'll come here. At least then they would have read the FAQ, or could have anyway. Just my two cents worth. -RAnthony
  8. Thanks. If it had been a snake... For some reason I never noticed that link. Possibly the location on the screen. Hotmail's options screen is similar, I can't find anything in that screen either. My bad. Still... A single button like the trash button would be even easier. -RAnthony
  9. Your link points to a game site. I assume that this is VER http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog It only deletes 100 messages at a time (as dbiel pointed out) it's the old interface for held mail. Still looking for the 500 at a time adjustment. The "empty Held-Mail" button would make it even simpler. -RAnthony
  10. Right. The statement that there is no association should have more weight than than the fact that spamcop.net and the webmail interface are available from links at the top of the screen. There is an association there, whether you admit to it or not. BTW, I run forums of my own (none as large as this, admittedly) I understand how to write instructions that make sense to the average person. The FAQ that you keep lauding is impenetrable. It's good material to put someone to sleep, not very good at imparting information. Which, BTW, it does not contain the information that I was looking for; not that I came here looking for information. The information on working webmail interfaces should be available on the help screen (which I've tried) or on the spamcop.net website ('the' website that I 'clicked around on'; as if any other website on the 'net could be 'the' website) or available somewhere that someone would logically look. Doing a search of an 'unassociated' forum looking for answers to questions about the webmail interface would be pointless since the interface doesn't do what I want it to do. Hence the suggestion for making a change to the interface. Hence my presence here. So I show up here, post a suggestion. AND, I get attacked, my integrity questioned, and insulted. By the admin, no less (not the users, who are extremely helpful) Yeah, I'm really beginning to wonder why I've paid for this marvelous service for two years. Why not try answering questions, instead of telling me how you've already answered them somewhere else, post a link to the previous answer, or try just not responding at all? That would be helpful. -RAnthony
  11. I created my own account. It suddenly occured to me that as a paying member of the reporting service, I was entitled to an account as well. So... All of your suggestions are new to me. After being chewed out initially, I once again went stumbling around looking for these very obvious signs that I've somehow missed. Still didn't find them. I did notice that when logging in to the webmail software that I am in the "horde/imp" directory. I don't know what 'ver' is, or where I would look for the version of the interface that I might be using is. What I do know is that getting 100 messages at a time would be a beautiful thing compared to the 20 messages that the interface defaults to. And I have looked through every option that is available to me, I can't find any option that allows me to alter the default number of messages being displayed, let alone 500 at a time. I have never tried to access the webmail accounts through imap. Didn't know the held mail could be externally accessed (once again, looked around for directions for doing this, nada) not really interested in doing that anyway. The less spam that sees the inside of my house the better, IMHO. She pops the messages that she wants, leaves the rest to roll off. I was aware that the messages did roll off, did not know what the time frame was (do I need mention that this is also not covered? Didn't think so) but when I do occasionally log on to report spam and see how much is sitting there, I cringe at the wasted space and wonder if there is any way that the held mail could be easily purged. Still wondering that. -RAnthony, for myself now.
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