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  1. Hm... seems it is the 0 as an fqdn that throws it off. Seems that the fqdn has to be either the host name that spamcop has as the mailhost's name or one of the IP's associated with that mailhost. For anyone who wants to know, here's how I fixed it. After some digging around, I found I can edit the /service/qmail-smtpd/run file (whose folder is a symlink to /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-smtpd/) and find where it says something like "/usr/local/bin/tcpserver -v -H -R -l 0 \" (that's a dash ell zero in there) and change the -l (dash ell) option to be -l fqdn instead of -l 0. Now I just need to wait for some more spam to arrive so I can test out the spamcop reporting stuff. Thanks for your help, Steve.
  2. Here's a tracking url: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z863375233zad...d116cdb4b56e28z
  3. I have a fairly recent setup of the linux qmail toaster, and was hoping I could use squirrelmail's spamcop reporting tool to report my spam. I've even managed to uncover a massive spam network on some chinese 58.44.x.x network. Anyway, all the reports come back with the same "No source IP address found". Here's an example of an email that I received that returns this error: http://community.nanovox.com/Files/email1.txt Can you tell me what isn't right with this email that results in a missing source IP? and if you know qmail well enough, perhaps a method of adjusting it to display the correct headers? Thanks!
  4. Sorry for the trouble. Apparently I hit that [-] button at the top a long time ago and never realized it was there. I reset the cookies for the browser and it when back to a nicely anti-aliased size. It's not that it's too small to read that text, it's more that I have a hard time distinguishing what the letters are because they aren't shapped properly when they get pixelated like that. I'm a slow reader, which is why I don't read every detail, so when it's not properly shapped it takes me longer to read it. The copyright line isn't the only thing that looks funky. The login textbox is weird as well. 1280x960. I like stuff small, but not pixelatedly small. That really doesn't matter because it's the screen resolution that counts. It takes me more time to read the funky text than anything else. I've got a 17" eMac. The real cause of the funky font on the small settings though is because the body font size is set to .8em while the footer is set to .7em, and that results in the footer text really being 0.56em, and that causes it to look bad. So all the .8em fonts on the site become 0.64em and so forth. Anything below 0.6em just doesn't antialias at all on a mac no matter what font you use.
  5. I did read that and I searched and didn't find anything so I said on my mac in firefox and firefox only has two versions right now, stable 1.0.7 and beta, so you've got a 50% chance of guessing what version I have. And if I read every little detail on this site at work I'd not get anything done. I posted in this section because I didn't see any better place to put it. Don't you think there should be some kind of website problems section? I didn't even know there was more than one spamcop site until now. I just figured this forum was enterly in reference to its 'www' parent. Of course I can read it if I stare at it enough. But still, I can't tell half of what I type in the login form, let along I can barely get my mouse to click on the login box because OSX acts wierd when stuff is significantly smaller than the mouse cursor. Yes, of course increasing the text size in any fashion, whether through browser defaults or through the website fixes the text size because it makes everything bigger and more readable, but still, the default size when I first came to spamcop.net on until even now is still smaller than it should be. If I increase it, all the rest of the text that looks fine is too big and I can't stand it. Any smaller and you know the drill. I can't really check anymore because I'm at home now, but I'll try deleting cookies and stuff again to see tomorrow.
  6. Man, you guys ask for too much information.... See for yourself. Look at that ugly pixely text. I'm not trying to put anyone down, I'm just trying to help.
  7. I'm talking about THE spamcop.net site. www.spamcop.net, nothing else. Just the entire of www.spamcop.net. The footer text is unreadable, the headings like "REPORT spam" and "GET spam-FREE EMAIL" are pixelated, and the text in the login form is hard to read. Everything else on that website is fine. I'm not going to change the minimum font size because then every other website on the web will be huge and ugly (although setting it to even 9pt makes the website look fine). If I have trouble reading the homepage, then hundreds or thousands of other people have got to have the same problem, and they're not going to know to set the minimum font size in firefox. There's got to be a 7pt or 8pt font size hiding in the website that's causing certain things to be unreadable. I'm using the firefox default fonts for browsing: Proportional: Serif Serif: Times Sans-serif: Helvetica Monospace: Courier Even if I change them all to serif or arial or something else, the result is the same because I'm not overriding the fonts on the website. I don't like overriding because I know full well that a good website will uses fonts that look good and are equipped with every browser. Also, if you know Macs, they have just about every font available to mankind preinstalled on them, so of course it's going to use the first font on the list. And if you're in the web publishing business like myself, you're going to have Adobe CS installed, so that's another thousand fonts that you'll find on a lot of Macs.
  8. Don't get me wrong, small fonts are cool sometimes, and things look great on a PC, but on my Mac at work with firefox, the font size is so small that pixels just disappear from all the letters because it's way too small. Can you please bump up the font size just one notch, or maybe find a better font that looks good on a Mac with Firefox? It seems that only in Firefox is the font incredibly small, and adjusting the browser's font-size to one above normal makes a big difference in readability. I may have perfect vision, but my vision isn't going to fix missing pixels that make the text unreadable. Thanks!
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