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  1. Hi Jeff G., just noticed the effect when I had unblocked java scri_pt for some other purpose, though I would not have made the connection. So thanks anyway. Living is learning. Kind regrads, Hugo
  2. Hallo folks, I have been enjoying my newly set-up webmail account with spamcop for a few days when yesterday I found a variety of functions not working anymore. The ones I checked were the "mark all" checkbox (would not mark any email), "delete" does not delete any checked/marked mails, "report as spam" not working, "move" neither. Is that to do with the the already posted ("Geek/Tech things; pinned announcements") "system outages" or something new or would I rather have to look on my end? If suspected the latter, please share your ideas about it. Email is still coming in and can be sent. Any comments on this? Kind regards, Hugo PS: just noticed, that this is the case in the folder overview, if opened, the mail can be treated as wanted.
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