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  1. Not actually left-clicking on it, though it couldn't cause much harm to my sandbox with no scripting and not executing active contents. If ever, I'd C&P it to Sam Spade. However, if these were tracking URLs (i.e. tracking the spam recipient, not SpamCop's URLs to spam-tracking info), this probably would also trigger off the "valid address" signal. Fortunately, identical codes are spammed to others as well, so it seems save to follow the URL and see were it redirects to. But that's no longer a topic of a feature request. Not really. But how can I complain about spam if I'm eager to attract it? The decision is to send a munged report to a suspicious spam host or to send no suicidal report.
  2. Given hyperlink shows all reports regarding issue ID 74449030, even those which were directed to mole[at]devnull.spamcop.net. You see them regardless whether you contributed a report on this issue or not. That's different from "Past Reports" which selects only your own contributions.
  3. Obviously I was wrong. These are no tracking URLs. See for instance this report history.
  4. Usually there were only 3 or 4 per message. I collected them from the first four or five, sent all to the same mailbox. Interestingly, some identical 24-character codes reappeared in different combinations and in different messages, though most seem to be unique.
  5. Starting today, I get flooded with a new flavour of the old drug mafia spam where the HTML part hides links like these: http://a4xxx____________________u777.tambourajl.com/?promo http://a4xxx____________________r444.hamlaheh.com/?promo http://a4xxx____________________9m44.ketchjl.com/?promo http://eil.____________________idvv.tambourajl.com/?ahha http://ieb.____________________gtbb.ketchjl.com/AhH?OLa http://derb.____________________p22k.hamlaheh.com/?nzol http://ieb.____________________gtbb.ketchjl.com/sHd?OsL http://esgy.____________________niii.festallylh.com/?yne http://esgy.____________________niii.festallylh.com/iAI?dqU http://derb.____________________p22k.hamlaheh.com/?nzol http://ieb.____________________gtbb.ketchjl.com/ewS?QRa Through my suspicious eyes, this conspiciously looks like those 24 characters (from which I removed 20) encode my e-mail address and link it to the spamvertised “product” (including even “unsubscribe”). So just by clicking it or reporting it through Spamcop to the list-washing ISP, I confirm that my e-mail address is valid and may be sold for a better price to the next spammer. Wouldn’t it be a nice feature to handle such links the same way like message IDs in Spamcop reports?
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