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  1. Is there someway to contact someone at spamcop to make sure they are aware of the situation?
  2. I forgot to mention that there are no emails in my held mail, I did just get 3 out of 30 sitting on the server, they are not making it to or through the spamcop system. Hopefully someone can check it out and get things flowing again.....
  3. Yesterday when I left my computer everything was working fine. This morning I did not have any new emails (which is very unusual) so I logged into spamcop mail and there was nothing there, I then logged into my ISP webmail and had a bunch of new mail on the server but spamcop is not popping it. I have made no changes to my computer or settings and everything was fine last night.. Just wondering if anyone else is having any problems.. Thanks Diver4
  4. Thanks DT, I have sent an email to support to see what I need to do.... Diver
  5. I have been a spamcop user for many years and was wondering if it is possible to change my spamcop email address. For example if my current email is 123[at]spamcop.net can I change it to ABC[at]spamcop.net. I have searched the FAQs and Forum without finding an answer.... Thanks
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