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  1. popgate2 was failing w/ cannot contact server 400+ errors I switched to popgate and now it's not pulling my mail.
  2. I was having problems with yahoo/popgate for some time. I recently switched back to the beta popgate2 setting and made some changes to my yahoo mail display options and all my mail in the inbox came through at once. I switched from full headers to brief headers. You may like to try this if you are having problems.
  3. I checked my yahoo account and there is a lot of mail there not getting deleted. They are the messages I keep getting. It does appear to be a popgate issue.
  4. I have been getting the same 5 emails throughout the day for a few days now. Only 1 is clearly spam. I get one from FPL, one from Dominos, 2 from thenerds.net, and a spam. I have just been deleting them so I can't give you any specifics at this point. I just wanted to find out if this has been happening to anyone else. I find it odd that this has happened all of the sudden. It seems unlikely that multiple sources outside the spamcop network would break suddently and start sending repeated messages. Not all my email is doing this. I am getting some that isn't repeating. I'll try to narrow it down by destination as I've got 4 or 5 different emails converging on spamop.net . I know at least one was sent to a yahoo address and it may be some popgate thing.
  5. Just found 17 messages in there and 350+ password errors in my external pop config All I did was resave the same config and it seems to be working now. Perhaps an automated email could be send to us after 50 or so failures because again I missed more email. I'm switching more and more sites to my gmail account for import.
  6. i'm guessing it may be broken for those users upgraded to power-mailer status. Do you have the annoying power-mailer banner on your yahoo mail page where it pops up when you hover over it? I had to turn off my ad-blocking to see it.
  7. http://ypopsemail.com anyone use this product? pops? Claims to be a local pop3 to yahoo web gateway and it fixed the latest yahoo changes already.
  8. I use Ad-Muncher, but after disabling it I noticed the Power Mailer notification. I didn't see any way to turn it off..
  9. Is that a free yahoo option? I couldn't find it. Thanks for letting me know yours works.
  10. I noticed today that my yahoo mail hasn't been imported since 8/21/07. I missed some important information and some job opportunities and I'm fairly upset. I checked my spamcop tools and the configuration is still correct, has been working for years. I went into yahoo and marked all the messages as unread, it still didn't import them. I even went to far as to send myself a test message, it didn't get imported. I've begun switching some of my accounts to use gmail instead and as they send notices to my yahoo account those don't get imported. They just sit there as new. There are no errors in my spamcop tools external pop accounts screen and my gmail seems to be importing currently. I had missed a 1099 contract and a notice that some items sold from a store of mine. How do I find out if anyone else is having a problem? Is it a spamcop or yahoo problem? PS - It is periodically marking new yahoo messages as read on yahoo. I am not opening them so I believe it is connecting and scanning them but not importing them.
  11. Some person setup an email list and my name is on it. He sent like 5 'test' messages to this list. Many people are replying and it goes back to the entire list, including me. I'm getting a lot of 'test' related messages with complaints and removal requests. I can blacklist on the from or return-path, but how can I blacklist on the to: field? pls help
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