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  1. same in germany... I "fixed" it with a special email-account thet is not checked by spamcop. 1. I collect all my POPs by spamcop 2. I forward all the email to unchecked[at]xyz.de instead of getting them from the spamcop-POP (it's done here) bye by martin
  2. my pop is dead too - didn't change anything - even without Kaspersky KIS 7.0 using Eudora Admin Edit: this post and following replies moved/merged into this Discussion
  3. Let me first tell, how I submit the spam: In Eudora I move all the spam to a folder "Canadian Pharmacy". The I open Outlook Express, import all the mails from the Canadian Ph.-folder and send the spam as an attachment to "my" spamcop-mail. Spamcop sends back an email with one link for each spam-mail. Then I click each link so I have 50 browser-windows with one report for each spam-mail. In Spamcop I logged in with cooke-support. As there is one email-account that is looked as the spam-sender I have to check each report. And send it by clicking to the button "send spam report(s) now". This button uns UNDER all the adresses with to: Sometimes there are 1 or 2 adresses and sometimes 6 or 7. So the submit-button is each time in a different position. OF COURSE it is easy to find, but you have to look for it. But I prefer to look at the reports to check them. That's why I asked for moving the submit-button to a different location - the best location would be ------------------------ SpamCop v 1.514 Copyright © 1998-2005, IronPort Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z844375263z50...2799ac0a99067ez ------------------- HERE --------------------- Please make sure this email IS spam: From: "Clint Johnson" <emojkfr[at]okland.no> ([#djmsrul] Youngest girls in hard fu**ing. As in your dream.) dream Young pre teen so mail beauty and young Business will continue to go where invited and remain where appreciated.He who w View full message ------------------------------- because tis is the only place wich is a "fixed" place. After "View full message" is variable. So everything clear?!?
  4. I don't understand. NOW the submit-button is AFTER presenting all the details. Why do you all protest against putting this button BEFORE presenting the details (like all the To:'s) in a fixed place?!? For example before the line "Please make sure this email IS spam" We are told to check all the submitted emails and it's easier whe the submit-button is in a fixed position. sorry, I can't understand that. Martin
  5. there is no skip to reports whe I logged in with cookie-support An even when you skip it's not in the same place.
  6. hi, I forward "my" spam via outlook (imported from eudora) to "my" special adress to spamcop. Works great. I recieve a SpamCop AutoResponder-mail with one link for each spam-mail to send the spam-report (to "confirm" the spam). Works fine, whe using cookie-login. On this page I should check each spam-report. Okay, I accept - although I nearly do not understand. When sending about 200 spam-mails each day (only spamcop-unknown!) it's rather nasty to check each spam-report while "searching" for the submit-button in the page. So normaly I only "search" the submit-button and do not check the report. Couldn't you please put the submit-button on a fixed place on that page so that someone can check the report without "searching" the submit-button?!? (Okay, sounds strange, but it's REALLY nasty to klick on that f*** submit-button which is on a different place in each report) THANK YOU VERY MUCH (and a merry x-mas!)
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