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  1. Thanks for your comments, both @petzl and @Hanco.

    @Hanco: AltaMail is free of charge for 30 days only. After that it's 0,99$ per month.
    In the iOS-mail program - on the iPad only - there is/was an option to "convert" an eMail into an .eml-file (.eml-files can be handled by SpamCop, I tested this succesfully) as an attachment.
    With iOS13 this no longer works. The process of converting a Mail into the eml-format gets stuck and can only be cancelled (with no output unfortunately).
    How this works in iOS12 can be found here (in German only):


    Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the iOS13-version of Apple's mail program. Maybe this will be fixed some day.
    I keep looking.
    Any further suggestion is most appreciated.

    Thanks, Michael


  2. Hello,

    I wonder if you could help regarding this issue.
    I report spam mails using the "normal" reporting features provided by www.SpamCop.net via my Windows 10 notebook.
    To do so I extract mail-header and mail-body using Microsoft Outlook and paste the information in the respective fields on the SpamCop reporting page.
    But I do not have access to Windows and Outlook all the time.
    I would like to use the SpamCop reporting feature from my iPhone and iPad respectively, but found no way so far to do so.
    Besides the iOS Mail-services I use in parallel Outlook for iOS, but there is no way (at least I do not know any) to forward a spam-Mail as attachment to my SpamCop-Mail-Account (submit.xxxxxxx@spam.spamcop.net) to get it processed.

    Could someone please "open my eyes" and provide me with an instruction (or refer to solutions I did not find yet) about how to make possible  what I tried to describe?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards, Michael (from Hamburg, Germany)