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  1. For the past few months, Spamcop's filtering has been less and less effective. Comcast's spam filter is now catching more of my spam than Spamcop. I've got the spam Assassin threshold set to 4, which is even tighter than normal, I've updated my mailhosts, and I'm using all available filter lists -- but Spamcop still is catching less than half of my spam. Comcast on the other hand, is catching 99% of everything Spamcop misses. What's going on here and what can I do to make Spamcop effective again?
  2. How big is my inbox at Spamcop if I'm not having my mail auto-forwarded? Is it more than 10 MB? I need to know so that it doesn't fill up when people send me lots of photos.
  3. Do I need to report spam that is in the "Held Mail" folder, or is that reported automatically? I noticed there is an option to report that spam. Moderator edit: nothing in this quetion relates to the entire quote of petzl's last post ... I removed quoted material.
  4. I still forward my email back to Comcast so that I can use their webmail while at work. Comcast webmail is far superior to spamcop webmail as far as my needs go. If fact, half the time when I tried to use spamcop's webmail, I couldn't even read the email -- kept getting messages saying "no parts are viewable".
  5. Thanks for your help. There is more education involved in using spamcop than I expected, but the more I learn I to use it, it seems to make it more effective. Adding more filters really helped a lot.
  6. In the one week that I have been using Spamcop my spam has tripled! Fortunately, after lowering the level of the spam filter and adding more international filters to the list, most of it is not getting to my inbox. The more I report spam though, the more I get into my held mail, so the reporting feature is not working. Spamcop should have the option of adding the spammer to the block list without sending any "useless" reports. The spammer should also stay on the block list for more than 24 hours. I am not going to report any more spam -- it's just not helping.
  7. How do I "Munge" my address? Do you mean copy the email source instead of sending as an attachment, and remove any mention of my real email address if one show up?
  8. I reconfigured it to show images because I get newletters with graphs, charts, etc. However, this feature doesn't seem to work. I can also easily tell if an email is spam just by looking at the subject line. In that case I don't open the email.
  9. So how do I make use of the "mole" method? It is not clear to me. If I send reports to the administrators based spamcop's reply to my spam report, will that violate the "mole" method? From the link you provided: However, it has become plain that the only way to really sanitize the reports is to not send them at all. So that is exactly what we're going to do. SpamCop now offers new and existing users an option to withhold almost all data - registering reports in SpamCop's database, but never sending reports to the "ISP" ... So how is this done? Also, if I forward the spam to spamcop, but don't send spamcop's reply to administrators, will the spammer still get added to spamcop's block list?
  10. When I report spam by sending it as an attachment to the address provided by spamcop, can I still report it as a mole, so I don't get any retaliation? Do I do this by reporting the spam to spamcop (so you can filter it) but not send any reports to administrators? In other words, if I don't follow up on spamcop's reply to reported spam, will that spam sender still get added to spamcop's filter?
  11. I am getting the same thing happening. I just started using spamcop and their webmail, and I can't view any images or even text in most messages. Even the test messages I send to myself cannot be viewed: "There are no parts that can be displayed inline" keeps appearing. Until spamcop gets this problem fixed, I will have to route my webmail back to comast webmail.
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