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  1. Just looked at my private email. W - so sorry I'm not operating on your time line - and FYI, just because I read it (moments ago) and honestly don't feel comfortable giving my log-in information to someone I don't know is no reason to get pedantic and condescending. BTW, I never did get any customer support help from SpamCop directly. Someone else helped me offline, and the problem is fixed. I ended up resetting everything - in my mail settings, in spam Cop settings, etc. and whatever was there is now gone. Thanks very much to those in this thread who helped me out. I really appreciate your patience. I'm no novice to the online world (although some here might believe otherwise) but this was a stumper. Best, Jennifer
  2. Yes, the term "tracking URL" does indeed have something to do with my email in this context. If you view an email from within the web site, there is a URL available. If you view an email from within Mac Mail, there is no available URL to reference. Again, will post a tracking URL the next time a spam comes into the Web mail. I've disabled Pop mail checking for the time being. Jennifer
  3. Okay, let me stop my POP mail checking and I'll try this. That makes sense now, calling it a tracking URL, if I'm looking at things through SpamCop Web Mail (which I wasn't before). Thank you very much, Jennifer
  4. Actually, I've only just seen his message. I am not online 24/7. To answer your question, as the web site instructions said, I forwarded my email to submit.VERYLONGCHARACTERCODEHERE[at]spam.spamcop.net Every email I tried bounced back saying invalid address. I also tried pasting the entire email, with long headers into the form on the same page, and received an error msg saying something about too many domains. I also tried pasting just the headers. I also tried pasting just the address. In any case, my original question was not really about how to report spam - I've done that for every spam I ever received in Held Mail when my spam was, in fact, being held - it was, rather, as to why all of a sudden NONE of the spam is getting blocked. As I mentioned before, it seems unlikely that the spammers have all gotten wise overnight and figured out how to bypass every filter so I now get close to 200 spams where as a day and a half ago, I received none. It's still a mystery. And I don't know what you mean about a "secret address." (??) I forward all mail to spamcop.net then retrieve it through POP mail to my Mac Mail. Thanks anyhow for your help. Best, Jennifer
  5. Again, not a SINGLE email is being held in my Held Mail folder. Jennifer
  6. Actually, I've just tried forwarding them to SpamCop reporting this morning using the forwarding address listed on the SpamCop web site, but they all bounce back saying invalid address. In any case, it's really unlikely that all of a sudden the spammers have gotten smart overnight and I'm now receiving 200 emails daily when previously I was getting none. Jennifer
  7. Thanks, but what is a tracking URL? I have the messages in my Mac Mail junk folder...they are coming into my email rather than sitting in Held Mail. Jennifer
  8. Thanks, I did that already. I haven't received any reply. Jennifer
  9. But I went from EVERYTHING being filtered to NOTHING being filtered. All in ONE DAY. I don't want to have to drag and drop, etc. otherwise what's the point of paying for SpamCop? There's something else going on here... I might just have to cancel this service and find a new one unless I can get some customer support! Jennifer
  10. I only have six entries on my white list, for people I know... I appreciate your help. Wish I could figure this out as it's a mystery. I didn't change anything with SpamCop but now it's all spam, all the time. Jennifer
  11. Thanks, but those are exactly the settings I already have. I haven't changed anything, but now nothing is being caught. Jennifer
  12. Not sure what to do ... emailed customer support but haven't gotten any response ... meanwhile getting FLOODED with spam that should be in Held Mail. Haven't changed any settings anywhere but all of a sudden NO spam is being filtered. What should I do? TIA for any help. Jennifer
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