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  1. No sure how to send a normal support question, so I'm posting this in desperation. I manage several SC accounts for clients. One of them no longer receives direct e-mails messages to SC. Also mail picked up from the remote POP boxes are are not appearing in SC either, although they are disappearing from the remote box. Where is it going I wonder? All other accounts are fine. Where do I send a report of this issue? I am Jeremy Clulow of Webs Wonder Design jeremy[at]webswonder.co.uk
  2. Hi, I started setting up an account for a client a couple of hours ago with his chosen spamcop e-mail address. The address was available, but after filling in the payment form, the payment gateway gave a message saying it was down and try later. I've now gone back to repeat the process but the chosen e-mail is no longer available, presumably because it's already gone into your database. How can I set up the account with this e-mail adddress? Thanks. Jeremy www.webswonder.co.uk
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