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  1. Thanks Will. Between your explanation and the reading I've done on a couple of other threads, I have a better understanding. I've been working with my ISP. As for the yahoogroups I belong to, I know they aren't the spammers. The ones I own or moderate require approval for all new members and they don't get un-moderated privileges until they post a certain number of message in compliance with the group guidelines. And most all I belong to are the same way. But you can't control everyone. I also understand that it's not SpamCop that's blocking the mail, regardless of what the ISP's or Yahoo say. Too bad the ISP's don't follow the recommendation of SpamCop, that would make things a lot easier. But, regardless of who, I can't fix it so I'll just have to make a work-around somehow. Again, thanks for all the info folks!!!
  2. You folks are right, I really don't understand this. All I do know is that at least once a day for the past 6 days I have had to go to yahoogroups and reactivate the one e-mail address because mail to that address from yahoogroups was hardbounced back to yahoogroups by whatever method it's done as a result of spamcop. Thanks for your information and I will go back and read everything again. What I have learned is that yahoogroups ain't changing and this problem is going to get worse until I can find some way to get my mail from them without going through all this filtering.
  3. I read the FAQ, and here is the reason My Account was locked out until I reactivated it... Remote host said: 553 5.3.0 Mail from Email blocked using spamcop - see <http://spamcop.net/bl.shtml> Response Code: RBLSC [MAIL_FROM] They said it was blocked by spamcop, not I. My ISP is not sending any reports of spam, as it is my ISP and I use internal filtering without any reporting to anyone. This is not a yahoo mail account, just yahoogroups mail being sent to my personal addresses. It seems to only affect one specific address on my domain, and it is coming from multiple "G" rated forums at yahoogroups. I agree, there are a large number of forums on yahoogroups that should be trashed, but I do not belong to any of those and do not plan on joining. Like many others, I may go for long periods of time without and problems and then all of a sudden I'll get a number of problems in a short period of time, like right now where I've had the account locked twice in the past 18 hours... For the forums I am just a member of, it's not a big problem. For the forums I own or moderate, it not only blocks the forum mail, but the moderator mail as well. That becomes a problem... I guess my biggest question is how does spamcop get involved in my mail in the first place? Especially when my ISP is set to NOT report anything to anyone...
  4. I guess what annoys me the most is that it is only the one address that gets "zapped". And, of course, once "spamcop" blocks the e-mail, it gets sent back to yahoogroups as a "hard bounce" and that address is blocked until I manually reactivate it. I have no accounts using spamcop, which is another frustrating thing... I might go a month with no problems and then have 3 or 4 in a matter of a couple of days... How can I stop it?
  5. I belong to a number of groups on yahoogroups. I use multiple addresses for these groups. I have my own domain name (lizardcop.com) Some of these addresses are through lizardcop.com. My problem is not that my domain is being blocked, but that certain yahoogroups mail is being blocked to certain addresses. Here is what yahoogroups said they received; Remote host said: 553 5.3.0 Mail from Email blocked using spamcop - see <http://spamcop.net/bl.shtml> Response Code: RBLSC [MAIL_FROM] That was only for one of my addresses in use at Yahoogroups, all the others were sent through to me without a problem. This isn't a situation where ALL of yahoogroups is being blocked to my ISP, only those messages sent to one specific address of mine. HELP!!! Moderator Edit: Merged this latest "new" Topic into one of the existing YahooGroup discussions .... PM sent to advise of Move/Merge action.
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