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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Seemed that these messages arrived in the gmail spambox and I just moved to gmail and I don't use imap. So I did not see the spam folder. I will try next time if this happens to pass this report. I just use the headers from Outlook 2013 and paste them in the box. This was the only time I had issues with reporting spam, and only with this message. Thank you both for your help and again sorry that I checked the spambox so late.
  2. Hello. I tried to send a spamcop report, but could not send it as it looked like the scri_pt was not finishing completely. I did not have had this issue ever before. So now it says " Unreported spam Saved: " and when I click the "report now", the report will show again, but still no submission button. Then the report is shown but stops (just as when I send it newly) at "parsing header" and so no send button will appear. I tried removing the report and reporting again, but the system keeps doing this. spam id: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6560838034z92f5243d88b825c5f4406e0942b7ca24z
  3. Thank you David. I installed that addon and it seemed to have fixed my problem!
  4. I hope I'm in the correct section to ask this, please move it to a better section if it isn't correct here. I'm trying to login to www.spamcop.net to report spam. But when I do that at the login page tab, the page just reloads after clicking login. When I try to login on the right upper site I get this error message: First I thought it was maintenance, but I'm seeing this fairly often lately. I just tried with internet explorer and did not have this problem. The only addons in Firefox I have is addblock plus (which is disabled for spamcop.net) and html validator which also is disabled. Are more people experiencing this problem with Firefox? Or does anybody know how to resolve this issue? Ps. The error notice is already presented to me when I open www.spamcop.net. I'm not using any browser cache and I already tried ctrl-f5.
  5. Hello. I don't post here very often so I hope I'm doing it correctly. Several users on our hosting server get mail which they send to other users back, even when they send email to users with the same domain name. When I lookup the problem, it says mail is blocked by spamcop (I masked the receiving domains): This is from the log Now I know that the upcmail.net ip is on some lists, but this ip is not present on the bl.spamcop.net. Neither is the ip belonging to our hosting server, which is not present on any blacklist. So how is it possible, that the mail gets blocked by spamcop, when neither ip's are on the spamcop blacklist? There are multiple users which use upcmail.net having this problem but again, upcmail.net's ip's are not on bl.spamcop.net when I do a search. What can be done to solve this problem please?
  6. I'm sorry for my late reply. I've setup that I would get a notification email if a reply was posted, but I did not receive a mail so I have to check that. Anyway. Thank you all for all your answers to me. The abuse is indeed coming from AOL and/or yahoo, but I don't understand why a personal mail would help better then the reports send out by spamcop, correct? I will give it a try anyway. Sorry I thought the report id's would be enough, tracker id's are here: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4877118076z0...4c5eeda01a816az and http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4875275996z8...447fdf450cd34dz That are two of them, I presume that is enough? If not I would be glad to provide further info. Doesn't sound to my like that. I don't want to use another email provider, I've got several email accounts and providers and normally no problems with spam, or I report them and they mostly get blacklisted very soon. But this is the email address which I got with my xDSL provider, this also normally almost never receives spam, so no need for yet another email provider. The problem I keep getting this mail is because it won't get up a blacklist. I will also try and use the yahoo abuse option, thanks!
  7. I got a slight problem. A person abused the alibaba.com mailsystem to get my email adres. Now this company is sending me once or twice a week email spam being price lists. I wrote this company several times to remove me from their mailing list because it's unsolliceted mail (so imho it's spam). No reaction whatsoever. Now I started putting in spamcop reports. I put in several, but nothing happens. He won't get blacklisted and mails from this company keep getting in my mailbox. Last reports: 5418626192 5418626190 5417352625 5413714456 Company's name is Numach LTD, they won't answer phone either and don't respond to mail. What can I do and why does this company does not get a spam indication?
  8. I just got mail from the following domains a couple of minutes ago: businessCompleet (dot) nl e.vistaprint (dot) com sat-television (dot) com vbulletin (dot) org Mailwasher stated them (status row) as being blacklisted. When pointing with the mouse on them, the name RBL Spamcop came up. However, I checked the ip adresses of these domains with the checkblock option on the Spamcop site, the adresses are not listed (and they should not be listed). Is this a false positive of Mailwasher pro (never seen a false positive before) or does the list check not work 100% the same as Mailwasher? Unfortunately I already deleted the mails except the one from businesscompleet, but I can't find any strange things in the header, also checked ip adres and sender base. Anybody any clue why Mailwasher (5.3) reported them as being present on the Spamcop blacklist?
  9. I strongly disagree with you there. Take myself. I have several email addresses and a certain amount of spam per day which lies about 15 spammails per email address. I started to report with one of my addresses a few days ago now. The other email addresses have their normal spam amount, but the one I was reporting for is now raised to about 30 spam emails a day. And that was not mole reporting. I did not think that the amount of spam I received would be less by reporting, but I also did not think it would increase that much. The reason I started reporting to Spamcop was because I want to help fighting spam because it has grown to much over the years. Second reason was that there are a lot of dns blacklists around, but also a lot which blacklist ip's on the wrong arguments, or... which I also discovered, blacklist some isp and if he wants of the blacklist, he has to pay for it. This happened with an adsl-provider, versatel.nl, wanadoo.nl or home.nl (not sure which one). The world is not being helped by blocking whole domains because of a few users which spam because their computers are hacked or have worm or such. This is the reason I went looking for a system which is trustworthy, where support is good and questions can be asked and spam can be reported for free. This way I ended up at Spamcop. And I like it. But I can support the statement that spam grows when reporting mail as spam when not being a mole. That's a sure fact. I have no clue why this did not happen to you, but that's only positive for you and I would be happy about it. However, I'm not very good in understanding all English because I'm Dutch. In spite of all efforts to explain what's happening if you're a mole I just don't quite understand if spammers get on the spamcop blacklist or not when you report as a mole. To my opinion, it should be this way. Interesting discussion by the way. I'm also pleasantly surprised about the kindness en friendliness the way people communicate and discuss with each other on this forum. My compliments for that!
  10. Sorry, I don't remember exactly. I've seen this somewhere when I searched for html spam, could also be on the forums or on google. The paste-spam-in-the-box option does not do what you describe, it just says the mail is over 50k and I have to shorten it or use headers only. It does not submit anything at that point. I don't know if it's possible to improve that. But since the forward as attachment now works, I decided to report plaintext spam in the box, and html spam by attached email. I just wonder if I continue with this. It's good work, but since the few days I registered and reported spam, my spam receiving has doubled. But that's off-topic here and I saw a topic about somebody else who had this too so I'm going to read that topic.
  11. At first, thank you all for the quick reply's and extended information. I would like to answer to explain a bit more: Correct. It could be there is something wrong with the headers, but I've chosen not to paste the headers in the forum because of the fact that I was not sure if that is allowed and I presumed maybe I did something wrong myself. However, I had read the faqs about this, so I already understood that it could be the paste-your-spam-in-the-box would not work with html-spam. That's why I tried the forward by email option which did not work. But thanks to you all answering my question I've found the working option. Like several people mentioned here in their reply's one has to use the "forward as attachment" option. Maybe I missed this in the faq or did not understand because I'm not English and also have a Dutch version of Outlook Express. So my problem is solved, thank you all for the response!
  12. When trying to report html spam email, the system says: etc... but I'm not. I also see this error notice when I only put the headers in the spam report input field. I'm using Outlook Express, and have looked at the faq, but the solutions in there don't help. No problem reporting text-based spam. The other way is to report the spam by email, using the submit.xxx[at]spam.spamcop.net email address, but I get this returned with the following notice: So what can I do to resolve this problem and be able to report html spam emails without installing another email client?
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