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  1. I can't login to webmail as of 1:15PM PST. Error is: Login failed for some reason. Make sure you use your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS as the username. Which I am, of course.
  2. Yesterday I went in and saw a message that got trapped because it was not in my whitelist... I selected "whitelist and send" and as of this morning, I have still not received the message This also happened with an email this morning. What is going on? I am using gmail, and they are not showing up in my spam folder there either, and there is no other ISP between spamcop and my gmail, as far as I know. [update] This is from the mailsc.spamcop.net page that it does NOT work. If I log in to webmail and do it from the heldmail page it DOES work.
  3. I selected 3 messages and chose to "Whitelist and Forward" them... all 3 returned a message ID when it was complete. Only 2 of the messages made it through to my email account. This happened to me a few days ago too and the last message didn't come through for over 48 hours... Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Frank
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