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  1. So glad it worked for you. I am quick to disclaim the procedure as "my hack". It is really a rewording of prior suggestions in this (and at least one other) thread in SpamCop forums. I just avoided all technical details and concentrated on specific simple steps. Bill
  2. Art101, I have successfully used the suggested workaround to fix my problem, which appears to be the same as yours. When I receive Gmail spam, I use command-option-U to produce the raw text with full headers. I then use command-A to select all, and command-C to copy. Then to the SpamCop reporting page, where I use command-V to paste it all in. Then, I scroll to the top of the pasted text, highlight the second line (in your example above it is "0: Received: by 2002:a4f:4442:0:0:0:0 with SMTP id r63-v6csp4447532iva;") and Command-X to copy and delete it. Then, I use command-V to paste that removed line in the "Additional Notes" box. When I then summit, it processes fine and produces reports to what appear to be the correct contacts. I hope that will also work for you. It is definitely a hack, but I'm counting on SpamCop to change their processing eventually, so all this won't be necessary. Bill Halberstadt
  3. I'll bet "past" was meant to be "paste". If so, was "comments" meant to be the "additional notes" box? And, if so, do we just need to paste in that one line? Bill Halberstadt
  4. Thanks, petzl. As I understand, we should edit the raw "headers plus text" before submitting, to delete its second line (similar to above example). I don't understand, however, "...ISP's need FULL headers as evidence so past deleted line in comments´╗┐". Bill Halberstadt
  5. I have exactly the same problem as Art101. I use a MacBook Pro, with the latest OS and use Apple Mail. One of my seldom used mail accounts is with Gmail. It is not auto forwarded, but accessed directly via Apple Mail. Every Gmail spam I report (via pasting raw text into the SpamCop site) results just as mentioned above. I deleted the mailhost record and reprocessed the new sample emails from Spamcop. Same results. Here is a tracking URL: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6470279948zca815870453010d3fb71188df9523981z I note that I specified "Gmail" as the mailhost name, but it shows in my mailhost list as "SpamCop", not "Gmail". Bill Halberstadt
  6. Same here. Account disabled and no response to emails. If this problem is as large at it would appear, I wish they would post something about it on the home page so not everyone would have to go through the same confusing mess.
  7. halberstadt

    qmail toaster - no source ip address fo

    I believe this may be a similar issue. Just submitted a spam email that resulted in "No source IP address found, cannot proceed." The tracking URL is: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z890517626zc6...00fb7d8768a561z Just curious why this happens.