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  1. Hi LKing, Thank you for your time. Sorry to hear the attachment isnt available. I can still download / see it. My server isnt shared. I am planning to start reporting after removing these invalid references - I still don't know how Is it possible other people's domain are under my Mailhost. Anyway, I hosted here the email source: ^^^^^ Deleted for security ****** And here the image from the panel: hXXps://phosphorusnetworks.com/ptbr/mailhosts.png
  2. Hi LKing, Thank you for your input. I still have questions about the system. I cannot see as part of the delivery path, looking into headers of the email that the mailhost system sent me. Could you point it out for me, if possible? I just attached "emailsource.txt" Also, I cannot see how cm.ind.br (not my host/domain) and ind.br (also not my host/domain) being added into the hosts/domain drop-down occurred. I only added "diz.ind.br" The first "Mailhost name" chosen by me was setup correctly (another domain). But the second "mailhost name" (I chose DIZ) - was (randomly?) picked by the system and became "ranaur.net" - and unknown name to me until it appeared on the screen. I tried already to remove/re-add the domain in question about 4 times, without success. Thank you for your time and the project. emailsource.txt
  3. Hi, After adding a host (diz.ind.br), other 2 hosts appeared (cm.ind.br and ind.br) in the Hosts/Domain tab, as well as an unknow "Relaying IPsv4" - The only Relaying IP configured for the given domain is Mailhost name also appear to come from an old register (ranaur.net) - was not the name chosen by me. This domain (ranaur.net) now seems to be parked. Is it possible an old domain with this IP is corrupting my entry? Thanks in advance for the effort.