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  1. Hello SpamCop Administrators, I want to donate some amount but do not want to use my cards nor do I want to send the payment to another country address. Why SpamCop can not received any payment via PayPal or any other online payments methods so that we consumers can seamlessly and easily pay for your great services for reduce spam Messages. I had earlier used to received daily hundreds of spam Messages which upon researching on how to stop these on the web I found out this great website who are providing services for free. I salute to the persons working behind all these to successfully eliminate spam. My spam messages now reduced to a couple of messages daily which is no problem for me. But the disappointment is that I am unable to play my role in the process as there is less methods of payments which can be availed to make payment. Hope you people can understand my issue and do the needful.. Thanks and have a great time ahead. Asha Kanta Sharma
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