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  1. Hi Anthony, Most GFI products can only be used with Exchange servers. This includes Mail Essentials. You can download a 30 day trial version from the GFI website. After the trial period the tool becomes a limited freeware version. The freeware version allows the use of blacklists, amongst other features. Regards Rudolf
  2. Hi Antony, if you are running an Exchange server and are willing to fork out some cash, the products from GFI.com might be useful. Mail Essentials: http://www.gfi.com/mes/ Server based anti-spam tool You can set up third party blacklists, such as Spamcop, or, in addition, use the spam learning tool they have integrated. You basically send the tool all the spam you receive and it learns what you interpret as spam. Most of our customers that use Exchange servers use the tools from GFI, and are pretty happy with them. Regards Rudolf
  3. Rudolf

    Domain does not exist

    Saw the same behaviour this morning, about 8 hours ago. Thought the problem might be resolved in the course of the day. Just tried sending mail to myself and got the following error message Anyone know if the problem is still being looked into. I have Spamcop set up to pop my mail server. All mails I retrieve are from Spamcop, Spamcop fetches and consolidates all mail from my accounts. Regards Rudolf
  4. Rudolf

    Updated Look and Feel for SpamCop.Net

    Hi Julian, at the bottom of the web page there is the following: The HTML4 and CSS2 are links that allow on to validate the HTML of the CSS. Pressing the HTML4 link asks for a username and password, and pressing the CSS2 link returns a "Validator Error:" Target: http://mailsc.spamcop.net/sc I/O Error: Basic realm="your SpamCop account" Regards Rudolf
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    Contact Microsoft

    Added my 2c. Thanks for the info Louis.
  6. Rudolf

    Nigerian Spam

    Hi all, Coming from Africa I have warmed a little to the 'creativity' displayed by the 'Nigerian' spammers. The mails more often than not make me chuckle. Here an exmple I just received: One can almost go so far as expand the definition of a spammer as someone who can sometimes bring a smile to your face :-) In my mind's eye I see a nigerian school class hard at work at a creative writing project ... if only one could be be certain that no-one would be so gullible as to fall for the scam. Regards Rudolf
  7. Hi, it seems as if one of the Spamcop/IronPort servers is listed on the spamcop blacklist: Senderbase When reporting, the submission results are being trapped in the "Held Mail". Regards Rudolf Bargholz