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    Spamcop listing

    One of our marketing teams might have purchased a list recently. I will check with them now. Does it look like these issues first occurred on Feb 13th? Is that a safe assumption? Thanks. Adam
  2. DJemail

    Spamcop listing

    Thanks Will, We use this server for our one off marketing email blasts so most likely there was a message sent out yesterday which would account for the increase in volume on that server in Senderbase. If any of the paid members could see if there is a report history for that IP address, that would be greatly appreciated. Adam
  3. DJemail

    Spamcop listing

    Our IP address ( is coming up as blocked when I check on dnsstuff.com but when I come to the Spamcop site and try to check that listing, it says we're not listed and there is no further information provided. This appears to be causing some issues with our email delivery. Any idea why that is the case? Thanks!