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  1. Deleting cookies solved the problem. Thank you very much. About harvesting - please delete these posts, to make my email address disappear; and I will never post again here, so as not to have this problem occur again. That particular username (drugintel[at]spamcop.net) was automatically assigned during login, and I had no warning or option to do otherwise, I believe. I am sorry to have troubled you.
  2. I am deleting cookies and will inform you if that solves the problem
  3. Since the testing of the beta version and reverting to the traditional webmail system, timing out of my log in has occurred frequently and rapidly - maybe an average of a half hour but often in a matter of minutes, making it cumbersome to compose and send email. I've found this in both Firefox and IE, and on two different computers. This has occurred over the last few days, and seems to be getting progressively worse. Advice? Recommendations? Hoping it will ultimately be fixed. Nothing new on this end that I'm aware of. Appreciating always the great service of SpamCop and the difficulties involved. John
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