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  1. Advertising will be available online. No pay for placement. Just text ads.
  2. I am Steven Urciuoli and I own Faxo and e2e Partners. We do not do spam or sell mined data nor are we doing any DNS tricks. I'm sorry if the initial faxobots (last year) overloaded your site. This only happened to sites hosting multiple domains under one IP. We have since updated the bots to sequentially crawl by physical location thus fixing this problem. The DNS confusion might have arrived from the fact that we are crawling the web with a farm of non-static DSL and cable connections. This allows us the ability to save on bandwidth costs for download data by an order of ten, thus freeing our expensive lines for pure upload/web serving. I hope this clears up any misconceptions. Feel free to contact me any time. We should go live this summer...
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