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  1. This :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ As frustrating as it is with a problematic system, we really should not be complaining about not getting information or no one is paying attention, like what I have seen here in this thread. I am sure that everyone who needs to know , is reading these forums. I would rather those who are working on the issues stay working on the issue rather than using any of that time trying to post information here. We need to have a little patience, and just present facts here not complaints. I have had some of the same experiences as others with reporting. Today seems sepecially bad, for me anyway. I am unable to get any of my spam reported as they are all coming back with the gateway timeout. Today, I have also experienced logon problems (logon to the reporting system, and to the forum area.)
  2. Having the same issue here just like others. Sometimes the system seems to be working fine, while other times it is very slow or does not work. Tried submitting a couple of spam around 9am EST, not successful at all. I got 2 different messages while attempting to submit the spam: 1) An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.6dce8f18.1341492772.3ec2b67f 2) Gateway Timeout The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.6dce8f18.1341493155.3ec66ffa
  3. I have been getting a lot of spam this month from a spammer who is sending his spam from one location, and using another source to host his spamvertized sites. most of his spamvetized sites are currenlty being hosted by singlehop.com , and some by mia.net. Singlehop refused to offer any help telling me that I was not a paying customer, so they continue to host the spamvertized sites. I am now starting to get some email from responses to some of the spam reported through spamcop saying : "Hello, We have received your complaint and would like to remove your email from ourmailing list, however, spamcop does not forward your email address in thecomplaint you submitted. Please send me the email address that hassubscribed to our offer so we can suppress it from our list. Also, ifneeded, we can supply the opt in information once we have the subscribedemail address. Please let me know. " To which I find amusing that the spammers want me to confirm my email address to them, and they make an attempt to claim that I had somehow opted in - to which I must have opted in as recipient [at] <my email account> as none of the spam were address directly to me. Has anyone else here been recieving these emails asking for this to be sent back to complaintsresolutionATgmail .com? I am just curious.
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