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  1. Perhaps if there are no links (or anything that looks like a URL) in the message body, this option could be provided. The default could also be unchecked, with some brief explanatory note, along the lines of "if this spam email is trying to solicit direct replies, rather than clicking on links, you can report it to the provider of the account that would receive such replies". I'm not so sure. About 96 hours ago I manually I sent a buch of these such emails as specimens to network-abuse@google.com. I was getting about 2-3 a day. I now haven't received any in almost the last 48 hours. Fingers crossed. I know. Often they had the Gmail address before the website, and to have two email addresses seems a complexity beyond them. "But I can set up forwarding for you." "Too complicated." "An email account @yourwebsite will look more professional." "I'm doing fine. I just wanted a website, that's all."
  2. Thanks. I am pretty much in agreement. I'll try and respond more fully when I have time...
  3. I get a lot of spam emails trying to sell SEO services. (They often purport to come from email addresses at domains that are registered but not on DNS, so there is no IP address for the domain. That’s probably irrelevant, though.) Mostly, though, they have a `Reply-To` header with a Gmail address. And the purpose of the emails is to solicit replies from interested parties. But when I report these emails as spam, SpamCop does not send a report to Google. I think it should offer the option to report to the provider of any email address listed in `Reply-To`. If Google received enough spam reports for a specific email address, they would close down the associated accounts, and this kind of spam could be significantly reduced. WDYT?
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