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  1. Thanks for the info. I looked up the IP address for my domain and it wasn't listed on spam Cop with the link you sent. Maybe that's good. It did come up with a lot of reported spam from another search...not good. And I didn't even send it. Its a product of an unhappy person who has caused so much trouble I'm wondering if e-mail is even worth it anymore. I hate to change addresses since it is published all over for folks needed help with a certain type of motorhome. Anyway, I appreciate all your advice and help.. This goes for Jeff also.
  2. Hello, I'm new to all this and haven't set up my e-mail through SpamCop yet. I understand so little of it, but trying to digest it all. My question: I use my domain address as my e-mail address and was attacked daily by 100 or so of the latest viruses going around. I was able to delete them through Mail Washer and when I started doing that, I not only deleted the offending e-mail, I had it bounced and black listed. As a result the volumn grew. Stopped that and just deleted the garbage. And because of bouncing, my e-mail address was sent back to me by Symantic saying my address was sending spam. Because my address has been attacked so much lately, could it be on your black list and as a result, any e-mail I'd receive would all be black listed as having a spam/virus address? I might be sunk before I get started. Thanks
  3. Thanks Wazoo for the info. When at our winter home I have a wireless system. Turn on the computer, go to Mail Washer, then download to Outlook. When on the road I dial into Verizon, get on, and do the same to get e-mail. So if I get it set up correctly, I should still get mail the same. I'll work on it here while time isn't the issue. To keep getting mail like I do, do I have to add all the e-mail addresses one by one in the white list? Or will it by pass that and come into my mail box as usual? Sorry for all the confusion. I do better when someone can 'walk' me through something first. Doing this on my own, is confusing.
  4. Hello, I'm new to spam Cop and this forum. I have subscribed to SpamCop but have not done anything with it yet. The more I read, the more confused I become. I use my domain address as my e-mail address and I think I know how to forward mail from my domain's account management page to SpamCop, then SpamCop to my ISP since I want to continue to use the domain address for e-mail. I use MS Outlook 2003 for my mail and if I configure my set up as stated above, will mail still come to Outlook? Or will all of it be held at SpamCop in the held mail folder because I do not have these senders in the white list yet? Do I need to take all of my contacts from Outlook and put them into a personal white list one by one? I have not set up any special 'rules' or 'filters' since I have no idea how to do that. Mail is filtered in Outlook and known spam goes into the junk folder. I do use Mail Washer and preview and delete from the server before I download. That has been a great help with all the virus' and worms that are going around lately. Besides Mail Washer I have Norton Anti virus to notify me when a message contains a virus. We do a lot of PR work for the company we purchased our motorhome from and have a lot of inquiry e-mail from people that are not in our Contact folder in Outlook. Any address that is not in the Contacts goes to the junk folder and I can either state whether it is junk or not. How is all this going to work with SpamCop? I'd like to have all the virus e-mails and spam pulled out before I get it in my in box. And are the new contacts going to be deleted? While we are at our winter home checking e-mail or being on the web is no problem, but when on the road, I use my cell phone and have to wait until after 9 p.m. to do any surfing......free time after 9, so I'm wondering how much time I'll have to be on line getting held messages. Sorry for the confusion and hope I've made some sense here....this is all new and not sure what I'm doing. Thoroughly confused in Lake Havasu, Az.
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