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  1. I talked with our sysadmins and they are specifically blocking webmail (I guess they think we aren't working hard enough). Strangely enough, mail at msn works fine....I think because it doesn't have "webmail" in the URL. Wonder if there is anyway to give an alternate name to webmail to test???
  2. This may not be fixable, but when I try to access my webmail at work, I get denied because it reports back to the SmartFilter as "chat". Other folks using different webmail programs aren't experiencing the problem, so I am curious if this is something that can be addressed??? I am going to talk with our sysadmins at work, but I can already guess what they will say...."talk to your webmail provider". Thanks....what follows is the page that is returned: Problem Report Access denied to the system by SmartFilter, while attempting to retrieve the URL. Message ID SMARTFILTER_DENIED Secure Computing Problem Description Your system was configured to deny access to this URL. Problem Cause The request was denied, as specified in the SmartFilter Content Filter configuration. The content category reported is chat. Possible Solution Contact your network support team if this problem persists, and provide the team your account information.
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