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    New Beta Popgate server

    Popping Yahoo has failed again for me - with no reason and no warning. I had it set to popgate2.cesmail.net, username[at]yahoo.com, password and one fine day popping stopped with incorrect password error. This error is bogus because I can login to Yahoo via webmail and get the mail. I am using the classic interface - did not switch to the new Yahoo. Hotmail seems to be working - though at the time my Yahoo popping stopped working, all my Hotmail settings had been erased from the Spamcop options!! Is this some system administration thats being done or just my bad luck? Is it possible to get a warning message e-mailed to me, when some of the Popping does not work? This has been the most frustrating part of Spamcop and frankly I pay my Spamcop dues only because I can pop Yahoo and Hotmail. Thanks Alex
  2. alexmathew

    Beta Test Outgoing SMTP AUTH

    Hi: Is the SMTP Feature out of Beta ? Thanks AM
  3. Yes, popgate is working again for me - I also use FreePOP - and that too had stopped working. I just left it alon for a day and now everything is working. What will happen when Yahoo finally rolls out the "flash-enabled" new version - I hope the html-pop developers are working hard on this :-) Thanks AM
  4. Nope, this is going to be ongoing problem as Yahoo rolls outs its "new" service now in Beta - so periodically it will ask you to join into the Beta - and unless you indicate Later or yes, this problem will recur. What I want to know is if Popgate works with Yahoo Beta ??? Admins? AM
  5. Figured it out.. (wonder why is it that when I'm doing my taxes that I can figure out completely unrelated problems!!) In Safari on the Mac - apparently I had accidentally accepted the Yahoo Beta invite - maybe Yahoo let me know that my browser was not supported - However, it allowed me to login but did not show me the new interface - so how would I know?. Thats when the Spamcop problem started - the actual error - which I found in the log from Mr. Postman (a Yahoo Popping software) was "GET http://uk.f525.mail.yahoo.com/dc/system_re...r=blocked" So that gave me the clue. I started up Firefox on the Mac and I found that I was in the Yahoo Beta - which I quickly switched back to Classic. Voila - all problems solved!!!! Bye AM
  6. I did not join the Yahoo beta - however, the problem seems to have appeared after the Yahoo Beta was offered. I'll try Jeff - but I thought he would browse these forums? Bye and Thanks AM
  7. Yes, it was working for a while, then I deleted all entries for a few weeks and now I just re-entered them. The only difference is that it was working before the stupid Yahoo beta thing a few weeks ago and now its not. I've waited over an hour since I made the entries in the Spamcop options - no errors shown at all. Bye AM
  8. I setup correctly popgate.cesmail.net user[at]yahoo.com password No Errors Any idea? Thanks AM