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  1. Is anyone else seeing this? Webmail says "Login failed. Please check your username and password. If your account has expired, you can click here to renew." We renew in March or April. IMAP works fine as does the login for mailhost config, etc.
  2. Is the "seen" list initially populated from our whitelist, or do we have to experience the delay once for every one of those, too?
  3. Me too. It's rejecting my password now, but the IMAP server isn't. It was working at about 8:00 AM (pacific), the not at 10:30 AM.
  4. OK, this is back intermittently. It only happens at work, so may be a firewall issue (though the error message leads me to believe the connection was established but failed to authenticate, it does take about as long as a failed TCP connection attempt so maybe that's what's really going on). I see one A record for smtp.cesmail.net from dig. Is that a round-robin? It would be helpful to have a list of all the IPs used for that name so we can enable them all in our outbound firewall rules.
  5. It's working again. Looks like it was only out for a couple of hours, if that.
  6. I've been using this for weeks now with Apple Mail. Suddenly today the smtp machine is rejecting my password. IMAP still works, as does the webmail interface. It was working this morning, and now it's not.
  7. sdpinpdx

    New Webmail Launched

    This probloem went away when I deleted some held mail. With 59 messages in held mail I can open it in Camino. 235 was too many. I set my prefs to open held mail on login. Since the display process failed utterly, the "report problem" link was also unavailable to me.
  8. sdpinpdx

    New Webmail Launched

    I can't view my held mail at all anymore with Camino 1.0.1 or Safari. Camino shows a blank page, and safari claims it was disconnected form the server. This is on OSX 10.4.7.
  9. sdpinpdx

    Beta Test New Webmail

    I'm getting blank screens on Firefox and Camino on OSX. Just now, on Firefox, the new webmail logs me in, then shows my wife's held mail folder. It says there are no messages in it, which is wrong. When I select held mail from the dropdown, it shows the two messages in there. On either browser, using either my account or my wife's (mine on Camino, hers on FF), opening Inbox gives me an empy window. Viewing the page source shows nothing at all. This is Camino 1.0.1, Firefox, and OSX 10.4.7
  10. sdpinpdx

    Webmail down? imap works

    I haven't been able to get in since about 0900 PDT. IMAP works.