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  1. Two observations: 1. According to openrbl.org, SpamCop is the only service listing the IP address of the Gmail server that I lookup. This makes me question whther Spamcop should really be listing it, or whether their filters need to be tuned. It's more important for me to receive email from gmail users than it is for me to block spam, so I need to remove spamcop from my list of RBL servers at least temporarily until this storm passes. 2. The problem is being masked by Gmail. If I send an email to a bad address, I get a bounce message almost immediately. If I send an email to a host blocking using RBL lists, I don't get a bounce message. My mail server blocks with "554 Service Unavailable ...etc...". With a 5xx message, I should get a bounce message. Seems slimey to me. It's causing me support problems becasue my email customers think I'm just dropping their mail.
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