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  1. Hello, thank you for a quick response. The problem will probably be elsewhere and I found it here on the forum. Currently, the other side has solved this by temporarily stopping SPAMCOPM from being used before the problem can be solved, because it is not that we are on the block list. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello, we have a problem with one of our partners, to whom we cannot write an email. Now the emails are returned to us with this message: SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<xxxxx@xxxx.xxx>: host mail.xxxx.xx [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]: 550 5.7.0 Your server IP address is in the SpamCop database, bye I have verified all our IP addresses against your database, but all of them are not in the blocked list. For security reasons, I did not enter our IP addresses here. I wanted to log in, but I can't reset my password because I don't see the captcha code. So please help solve our problem. I have no problem requesting removal from the database, but according to your website we are not even there ... So now I don't know much what to do. Best regards Pavel Dolezal
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