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  1. Thank you for your replies. Spamcop forwards my email to Runbox.com. I then use the Runbox IMAP inbox and sent folders. I also have a 'saved' folder. This is where I put my old inbox messages. Rather than put each message in there one at a time from the 'inbox' is there a way to select a load in one go and move at once? I know this can be done on the runbox webmail, but can it be done with Outlook? Best regards
  2. Hi, Is there a way when I delete in Outlook the mail in the 'inbox' on the server will go to the trash folder? I've just done 'Purge Deleted Emails' in Outlook and it appears to have permantley deleted these emails? (Have they gone for good?) I want to be able to keep all my emails for future reference not permanently delete them. I'm having Spamcop forward all my mail to Runbox.com and using the Outlook filter Hide Messages Marked for deletion. But I just want to delete them to the trash folder. Can anyone help? Best regards NSM
  3. Hi, I am using Spamcop to filter all my emails. I also pick up all my emails via BlackBerry. If I am out of the office and a client sends me an urgent email it will not reach my BlackBerry if it is filetered as a false positive. Thus I won'y be able to get the email unless I can get to a PC to release / whitelist the sender. Is there a way if the send puts a password in the subject line the email will bypass the filters? Cotse offer something simlar....but it is all or nothing. All Blocked and password only. Many thanks
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