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  1. Due to a recent wave of continuous received phishing mails, I started to do some little investigations rather than just the usual reporting. The emails received all originate from a serviceprovider called SendInBlue, and many of the emails came from IP As usual I did my reports to Spamcop, where the notifications for abuse@sendinblue is devnulled due to bounces. At some point I also checked TalosIntelligence, which to my amaze still sees the sender as a "trusted" IP, despite my reports. I then filed a ticket with Talos, that I find the reputation for the IP incorrect, but instead I received a somewhat auto-answer with closure of my ticket, that I should use SpamCop to report my spam. Hence my question here. Do SpamCop and Talos sync one another? Which should be a neat internal job since both operated by Cisco. Also, is there a certain limit of reports needed for an IP to be added to SpamCop's BL? Since I still see it as not blacklisted.
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